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       QwtDoubleInterval -

       A class representing an interval.


       #include <qwt_double_interval.h>

   Public Types
       enum BorderMode { IncludeBorders =  0, ExcludeMinimum =  1, ExcludeMaximum =  2,
           ExcludeBorders =  ExcludeMinimum | ExcludeMaximum }

   Public Member Functions
       int borderFlags () const
       bool contains (double value) const
       QwtDoubleInterval extend (double value) const
       QwtDoubleInterval intersect (const QwtDoubleInterval &) const
       bool intersects (const QwtDoubleInterval &) const
       void invalidate ()
       QwtDoubleInterval inverted () const
       bool isNull () const
       bool isValid () const
       QwtDoubleInterval limited (double minValue, double maxValue) const
       double maxValue () const
       double minValue () const
       QwtDoubleInterval normalized () const
       int operator!= (const QwtDoubleInterval &) const
       QwtDoubleInterval operator& (const QwtDoubleInterval &) const
       QwtDoubleInterval & operator&= (const QwtDoubleInterval &)
       int operator== (const QwtDoubleInterval &) const
       QwtDoubleInterval operator| (double) const
       QwtDoubleInterval operator| (const QwtDoubleInterval &) const
       QwtDoubleInterval & operator|= (double)
       QwtDoubleInterval & operator|= (const QwtDoubleInterval &)
       QwtDoubleInterval (double minValue, double maxValue, int borderFlags=IncludeBorders)
       QwtDoubleInterval ()
       void setBorderFlags (int)
       void setInterval (double minValue, double maxValue, int borderFlags=IncludeBorders)
       void setMaxValue (double)
       void setMinValue (double)
       QwtDoubleInterval symmetrize (double value) const
       QwtDoubleInterval unite (const QwtDoubleInterval &) const
       double width () const

Detailed Description

       A class representing an interval.

       The interval is represented by 2 doubles, the lower and the upper limit.

Member Enumeration Documentation

   enum QwtDoubleInterval::BorderMode Flag indicating if a border is included/excluded from an
       · IncludeBorders
          min/max values are inside the interval

       · ExcludeMinimum
          min value is not included in the interval

       · ExcludeMaximum
          max value is not included in the interval

       · ExcludeBorders
          min/max values are not included in the interval

       See also:
           setBorderMode(), testBorderMode()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   QwtDoubleInterval::QwtDoubleInterval () [inline]
       Default Constructor. Creates an invalid interval [0.0, -1.0]

       See also:
           setInterval(), isValid()

   QwtDoubleInterval::QwtDoubleInterval (doubleminValue, doublemaxValue, intborderFlags =
       IncludeBorders) [inline] Constructor
       Build an interval with from min/max values

           minValue Minimum value
           maxValue Maximum value
           borderFlags Include/Exclude borders

Member Function Documentation

   int QwtDoubleInterval::borderFlags () const [inline] Returns:
           Border flags

       See also:

   bool QwtDoubleInterval::contains (doublevalue) const Test if a value is inside an interval
           value Value

           true, if value >= minValue() && value <= maxValue()

   QwtDoubleInterval QwtDoubleInterval::extend (doublevalue) const Extend the interval
       If value is below minValue, value becomes the lower limit. If value is above maxValue,
       value becomes the upper limit.

       extend has no effect for invalid intervals

           value Value

       See also:

   QwtDoubleInterval QwtDoubleInterval::intersect (const QwtDoubleInterval &other) const
       Intersect 2 intervals.

   bool QwtDoubleInterval::intersects (const QwtDoubleInterval &other) const Test if two
       intervals overlap
   void QwtDoubleInterval::invalidate () [inline] Invalidate the interval
       The limits are set to interval [0.0, -1.0]

       See also:

   QwtDoubleInterval QwtDoubleInterval::inverted () const Invert the limits of the interval
           Inverted interval

       See also:

   bool QwtDoubleInterval::isNull () const [inline] Returns:
           true, if isValid() && (minValue() >= maxValue())

   bool QwtDoubleInterval::isValid () const [inline] A interval is valid when minValue() <=
       maxValue(). In case of QwtDoubleInterval::ExcludeBorders it is true when minValue() <
   QwtDoubleInterval QwtDoubleInterval::limited (doublelowerBound, doubleupperBound) const Limit
       the interval, keeping the border modes
           lowerBound Lower limit
           upperBound Upper limit

           Limited interval

   double QwtDoubleInterval::maxValue () const [inline] Returns:
           Upper limit of the interval

   double QwtDoubleInterval::minValue () const [inline] Returns:
           Lower limit of the interval

   QwtDoubleInterval QwtDoubleInterval::normalized () const
       Normalize the limits of the interval. If maxValue() < minValue() the limits will be

           Normalized interval

       See also:
           isValid(), inverted()

   int QwtDoubleInterval::operator!= (const QwtDoubleInterval &other) const [inline]
       Compare two intervals.

   QwtDoubleInterval QwtDoubleInterval::operator& (const QwtDoubleInterval &interval) const
       [inline] Intersection of two intervals
       See also:

   QwtDoubleInterval & QwtDoubleInterval::operator&= (const QwtDoubleInterval &interval)
       Intersects this interval with the given interval.

   int QwtDoubleInterval::operator== (const QwtDoubleInterval &other) const [inline]
       Compare two intervals.

   QwtDoubleInterval QwtDoubleInterval::operator| (const QwtDoubleInterval &interval) const
       [inline] Union of two intervals
       See also:

   QwtDoubleInterval QwtDoubleInterval::operator| (doublevalue) const [inline] Extend an interval
       See also:

   QwtDoubleInterval & QwtDoubleInterval::operator|= (const QwtDoubleInterval &interval)
       Unites this interval with the given interval.

   void QwtDoubleInterval::setBorderFlags (intborderFlags) [inline] Change the border flags
           borderFlags Or'd BorderMode flags

       See also:

   void QwtDoubleInterval::setInterval (doubleminValue, doublemaxValue, intborderFlags =
       IncludeBorders) [inline] Assign the limits of the interval
           minValue Minimum value
           maxValue Maximum value
           borderFlags Include/Exclude borders

   void QwtDoubleInterval::setMaxValue (doublemaxValue) [inline] Assign the upper limit of the
           maxValue Maximum value

   void QwtDoubleInterval::setMinValue (doubleminValue) [inline] Assign the lower limit of the
           minValue Minimum value

   QwtDoubleInterval QwtDoubleInterval::symmetrize (doublevalue) const Adjust the limit that is
       closer to value, so that value becomes the center of the interval.
           value Center

           Interval with value as center

   QwtDoubleInterval QwtDoubleInterval::unite (const QwtDoubleInterval &other) const
       Unite 2 intervals.

   double QwtDoubleInterval::width () const [inline] Return the width of an interval The width of
       invalid intervals is 0.0, otherwise the result is maxValue() - minValue().
       See also:


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