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       QwtMetricsMap -

       A Map to translate between layout, screen and paint device metrics.


       #include <qwt_layout_metrics.h>

   Public Member Functions
       QPoint deviceToLayout (const QPoint &, const QPainter *=NULL) const
       QSize deviceToLayout (const QSize &) const
       QRect deviceToLayout (const QRect &, const QPainter *=NULL) const
       QwtPolygon deviceToLayout (const QwtPolygon &, const QPainter *=NULL) const
       int deviceToLayoutX (int x) const
       int deviceToLayoutY (int y) const
       bool isIdentity () const
       QSize layoutToDevice (const QSize &) const
       QwtPolygon layoutToDevice (const QwtPolygon &, const QPainter *=NULL) const
       QRect layoutToDevice (const QRect &, const QPainter *=NULL) const
       QPoint layoutToDevice (const QPoint &, const QPainter *=NULL) const
       int layoutToDeviceX (int x) const
       int layoutToDeviceY (int y) const
       QSize layoutToScreen (const QSize &) const
       QRect layoutToScreen (const QRect &) const
       QPoint layoutToScreen (const QPoint &point) const
       int layoutToScreenX (int x) const
       int layoutToScreenY (int y) const
       QPoint screenToLayout (const QPoint &) const
       QRect screenToLayout (const QRect &) const
       QSize screenToLayout (const QSize &) const
       int screenToLayoutX (int x) const
       int screenToLayoutY (int y) const
       void setMetrics (const QPaintDevice *layoutMetrics, const QPaintDevice *deviceMetrics)

   Static Public Member Functions
       static QwtPolygon translate (const QMatrix &, const QwtPolygon &)
       static QRect translate (const QMatrix &, const QRect &)

Detailed Description

       A Map to translate between layout, screen and paint device metrics.

       Qt3 supports painting in integer coordinates only. Therefore it is not possible to scale
       the layout in screen coordinates to layouts in higher resolutions ( f.e printing ) without
       losing the higher precision. QwtMetricsMap is used to incorporate the various widget
       attributes ( always in screen resolution ) into the layout/printing code of QwtPlot.

       Qt4 is able to paint floating point based coordinates, what makes it possible always to
       render in screen coordinates ( with a common scale factor ). QwtMetricsMap will be
       obsolete as soon as Qt3 support has been dropped ( Qwt 6.x ).

Member Function Documentation

   QwtPolygon QwtMetricsMap::translate (const QMatrix &m, const QwtPolygon &pa) [static] Wrapper
       for QMatrix::map.
           m Matrix
           pa Polygon to translate

           Translated polygon

   QRect QwtMetricsMap::translate (const QMatrix &m, const QRect &rect) [static] Wrapper for
           m Matrix
           rect Rectangle to translate

           Translated rectangle


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