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       QwtPickerPolygonMachine -

       A state machine for polygon selections.


       #include <qwt_picker_machine.h>

       Inherits QwtPickerMachine.

   Public Types
       enum Command { Begin, Append, Move, End }
       typedef QList< Command > CommandList

   Public Member Functions
       void reset ()
       void setState (int)
       int state () const
       virtual CommandList transition (const QwtEventPattern &, const QEvent *)

Detailed Description

       A state machine for polygon selections.

       Pressing QwtEventPattern::MouseSelect1 or QwtEventPattern::KeySelect1 starts the selection
       and selects the first point, or appends a point. Pressing QwtEventPattern::MouseSelect2 or
       QwtEventPattern::KeySelect2 appends the last point and terminates the selection.

       See also:
           QwtEventPattern::MousePatternCode, QwtEventPattern::KeyPatternCode

Member Enumeration Documentation

   enum QwtPickerMachine::Command [inherited]
       Commands - the output of the state machine.

Member Function Documentation

   void QwtPickerMachine::reset () [inherited]
       Set the current state to 0.

   void QwtPickerMachine::setState (intstate) [inherited]
       Change the current state.

   int QwtPickerMachine::state () const [inherited]
       Return the current state.

   QwtPickerMachine::CommandList QwtPickerPolygonMachine::transition (const QwtEventPattern
       &eventPattern, const QEvent *e) [virtual]

       Implements QwtPickerMachine.


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