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       RDF::Redland::Serializer - Redland RDF Serializing to Syntax Class


         use RDF::Redland;

         my $serializer=new RDF::Redland::Serializer("ntriples");

         $serializer->serialize_model_to_file("foo.rdf", $base_uri, $model);


       This class represents serializers that turn RDF graphs into various syntaxes.  from an
       RDF::Redland::Model object.


       new [NAME [MIME_TYPE [URI]]]
           Create a new RDF::Redland::Serializer object for a syntax serializer named NAME, with
           MIME Type MIME_TYPE and/or URI URI.  Any field can be undef or omitted; if all are
           omitted, the default serializer is used, currently 'ntriples'.


       serialize_model_to_file FILENAME BASE_URI MODEL
           Serialize the RDF Graph MODEL as syntax with the base RDF::Redland::URI BASE_URI to
           file FILENAME.

       serialize_model_to_string BASE-URI MODEL
           Serialize the RDF Graph MODEL to a syntax.  If no serializer name is given, the
           default serializer RDF/XML is used.

       set_namespace PREFIX URI
           Define a namespace URI with the supplied PREFIX for use in serializing an RDF Graph.

       feature URI [VALUE]
           Get/set a serializer feature.  The feature is named via RDF::Redland::URI URI and the
           value is a string.  If VALUE is given, the feature is set to that value, otherwise the
           current value is returned.


       RDF::Redland::Parser, RDF::Redland::URI


       Dave Beckett -