Provided by: librdf-trine-node-literal-xml-perl_0.16-1_all bug


       RDF::Trine::Node::Literal::XML - RDF Node class for XMLLiterals


       "new ( $node )"
       "new ( $string [ , $lang, $datatype ] )"
           Returns a new XML Literal object. This method can be used in two different ways: It
           can either be passed a string or an XML::LibXML node.

           In the case of passing a string, this method follows the same API as the
           RDF::Trine::Node::Literal constructor, but:

           ·   $string must be a well-balanced XML fragment =item * $lang is optional, but if a
               language code is present it will be used as the value of "xml:lang" attribute(s)
               on the root XML element(s) of the literal. If the element already has an
               "xml:lang" attribute it will be overwritten. For the node types that doesn't
               support adding a language, text and CData, a warning will be issued.  =item *
               $datatype will be ignored and set to

           In the case of using a XML::LibXML node $node, the Node may be one of these types or a
           subclass thereof:

           ·   XML::LibXML::Document =item * XML::LibXML::DocumentFragment =item *
               XML::LibXML::Element =item * XML::LibXML::CDATASection =item *
               XML::LibXML::NodeList =item * XML::LibXML::Text

           If the string is not a valid XML fragment, and the $node is not of one of the above
           types, this method throws a RDF::Trine::Error exception.

           Returns the XML::LibXML node for the XML Literal.


       First created by Gregory Todd Williams <>, modfied and maintained by
       Kjetil Kjernsmo <>