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       RectangleRelativePosition -


       #include <RectangleRelativePositionList.h>

   Public Attributes
       vector< Rectangle< float > >::iterator rectangleIterator
       int rectangleNumber
       float rectangleWidth
       float rectangleHeight
       float rectangleLeftAbscissa
       float rectangleLowOrdinate
       float rectangleTemporaryLeftAbscissa
       float rectangleTemporaryLowOrdinate
       float rectangleTemporaryBestLeftAbscissa
       float rectangleTemporaryBestLowOrdinate

Detailed Description

       This structure enables the stocking of the datas corresponding to the search of the
       optimal position of the rectangle designated by the field rectangleIterator.

Member Data Documentation

   float RectangleRelativePosition::rectangleHeight the height of the rectangle.
   vector<Rectangle<float> >::iterator RectangleRelativePosition::rectangleIterator pointer
       towards the rectangle whose position optimal is searched.
   float RectangleRelativePosition::rectangleLeftAbscissa the left abscissa of the rectangle
       chosen after the position tests.
   float RectangleRelativePosition::rectangleLowOrdinate the low ordinate of the rectangle chosen
       after the position tests.
   int RectangleRelativePosition::rectangleNumber the number which identifies the rectangle.
   float RectangleRelativePosition::rectangleTemporaryBestLeftAbscissa
   float RectangleRelativePosition::rectangleTemporaryBestLowOrdinate the best left abscissa of
       the rectangle calculated since the beginning of the tests.
   float RectangleRelativePosition::rectangleTemporaryLeftAbscissa the left abscissa of the
       rectangle for the current test.
   float RectangleRelativePosition::rectangleTemporaryLowOrdinate the low ordinate of the
       rectangle for the current test.
   float RectangleRelativePosition::rectangleWidth the width of the rectangle.


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