Provided by: libredis-perl_1.9260-1_all bug


       Redis::Hash - tie perl hashes into Redis


           ## Create fake hash using keys like 'hash_prefix:KEY'
           tie %my_hash, 'Redis::Hash', 'hash_prefix', @Redis_new_parameters;

           ## Treat the entire Redis database as a hash
           tie %my_hash, 'Redis::Hash', undef, @Redis_new_parameters;

           $value = $my_list{$key};
           $my_list{$key} = $value;

           @keys   = keys %my_hash;
           @values = values %my_hash;

           %my_hash = reverse %my_hash;

           %my_hash = ();


       Ties a Perl hash to Redis. Note that it doesn't use Redis Hashes, but implements a fake
       hash using regular keys like "prefix:KEY".

       If no "prefix" is given, it will tie the entire Redis database as a hash.

       Future versions will also allow you to use real Redis hash structures.