Provided by: libsdl-perl_2.2.5-1build2_amd64 bug


       SDL::OpenGL - a perl extension


       SDL::OpenGL is a perl module which when used by your application exports the gl* and glu*
       functions into your application's primary namespace.  Most of the functions described in
       the OpenGL 1.3 specification are currently supported in this fashion.  As the
       implementation of the OpenGL bindings that comes with SDL_perl is largely type agnositic,
       there is no need to decline the function names in the fashion that is done in the C API.
       For example, glVertex3d is simply glVertex, and perl just does the right thing with
       regards to types.


       The following methods work different in Perl than in C:


         Unlike the C function, which get's passed a count, a type and a list of numbers, the
         Perl equivalent only takes a list of numbers.

         Note that this is slow, since it needs to allocate memory and construct a list of
         numbers from the given scalars. For a faster version see glCallListsString.

       The following methods exist in addition to the normal OpenGL specification:


         Works like glCallLists(), except that it needs only one parameter, a scalar holding a
         string. The string is interpreted as a set of bytes, and each of these will be passed to
         glCallLists as GL_BYTE. This is faster than glCallLists, so you might want to pack your
         data like this:

                 my $lists = pack("C", @array_of_numbers);

         And later use it like this:



       David J. Goehrig


       perl SDL::App