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       SNMP::Info::Layer3::Aruba - SNMP Interface to Aruba wireless switches


       Eric Miller


           my $aruba = new SNMP::Info(
                                 AutoSpecify => 1,
                                 Debug       => 1,
                                 DestHost    => 'myswitch',
                                 Community   => 'public',
                                 Version     => 2

           or die "Can't connect to DestHost.\n";

           my $class = $aruba->class();
           print " Using device sub class : $class\n";


       SNMP::Info::Layer3::Aruba is a subclass of SNMP::Info that provides an interface to Aruba
       wireless switches.  The Aruba platform utilizes intelligent wireless switches which
       control thin access points.  The thin access points themselves are unable to be polled for
       end station information.

       This class emulates bridge functionality for the wireless switch. This enables end station
       MAC addresses collection and correlation to the thin access point the end station is using
       for communication.

       For speed or debugging purposes you can call the subclass directly, but not after
       determining a more specific class using the method above.

        my $aruba = new SNMP::Info::Layer3::Aruba(...);

   Inherited Classes

   Required MIBs

   Inherited MIBs
       See "Required MIBs" in SNMP::Info::Layer3 for its MIB requirements.


       These are methods that return scalar value from SNMP

           Returns model type.  Cross references $aruba->id() with product IDs in the Aruba MIB.

           Returns 'aruba'

           Returns 'airos'

           Returns the software version extracted from "sysDescr"

           Returns 00000011.  Class emulates Layer 2 functionality for Thin APs through
           proprietary MIBs.

   Globals imported from SNMP::Info::Layer3
       See "GLOBALS" in SNMP::Info::Layer3 for details.


       These are methods that return tables of information in the form of a reference to a hash.

           Returns reference to map of IIDs to Interface index.

           Extends "ifIndex" to support thin APs as device interfaces.

           Returns reference to map of IIDs to ports.  Thin APs are implemented as device
           interfaces.  The thin AP BSSID is used as the port identifier.

           Interface name.  Returns ("ifName") for Ethernet interfaces and ("wlanAPFQLN" or
           "apLocation") for thin AP interfaces.

           Interface MAC address.  Returns interface MAC address for Ethernet interfaces and
           BSSID for thin AP interfaces.

           Simulates bridge MIB by returning reference to a hash containing the index for both
           the keys and values.

           ("staAccessPointBSSID") as extracted from the IID.

           ("staPhyAddress") as extracted from the IID.

           Returns reference to hash.  SSID's recognized by the radio interface.


           Returns reference to hash.  Indicates whether the SSID is broadcast, true or false.


           Returns reference to hash.  Current operating frequency channel of the radio


           Returns aruba_perap_fqln indexed by BSSID instead of by AP.

   Aruba Switch AP Table  ("wlsxSwitchAccessPointTable")




   Aruba AP Table ("wlsxWlanAPTable")

   Aruba Switch Station Management Table ("wlsxSwitchStationMgmtTable")

   Aruba Wireless AP Configuration Table ("wlsrConfigTable")

   Table Methods imported from SNMP::Info::Layer3
       See "TABLE METHODS" in SNMP::Info::Layer3 for details.