Provided by: libswiss-perl_1.67-1_all bug




       This module is designed to be a repository of functions that are repeatedly used during
       parsing and formatting of SWISS-PROT/TREMBL lines.  If more than two line types need to do
       aproximately the same thing then it is probably in here.

       All functions expect to be called as package->function(param list)

           Takes a piece of text, a seperator regex and a seperator that may appear at the end.
           Returns an array of items that were seperated in the text by that seperator.  Takes
           care of null items (looses them for you).

           Takes an array of items, a separator, a terminating string, and a line width.  Returns
           an array of strings, each ending with the separator or the terminator with a width
           less than or equal to the width specified.

           Seems to do the wrong thing for references - not sure why.  Don't use it for that.

           Takes a string and a length.  Returns an array of strings which are shorter or equal
           in length to length, spliting the string on white space.

       wrapOn ($firstLinePrefix, $linePrefix, $colums, $text[, @separators])
           Wraps $text into lines with at most $colums colums. Prepends the prefixes to the
           lines. @separators is a list of expressions on which to wrap. The expression itself is
           part of the upper line.

           If no @separators are provided, the $text is wrapped at whitespace except in EC/TC
           numbers or at dashes that separate words.

           First tries to wrap on the first item of @separators, then the next etc.  If no wrap
           on any element of @separators or whitespaces is possible, wraps into lines of exactly
           length $colums.

           A special case is that the first item of @separators may be a reference to an array.
           This is used internally for wrapping FT VARIANT-like lines.


            wrapOn('DE ', 'DE ', 40,
            returns ['14-3-3 PROTEIN BETA/ALPHA (PROTEIN ',
                     'KINASE C INHIBITOR PROTEIN-1)']
            wrapOn('DE ', 'DE ', 40,
                   ' (?=\()', '\s+')
            returns ['14-3-3 PROTEIN BETA/ALPHA ',
                     '(PROTEIN KINASE C INHIBITOR PROTEIN-1)']

           Remove the leading line Identifier and three blanks and trailing spaces from an SP

       joinWith ($text, $with, $noAddAfter, @list)
           Concatenates $text and @list into one string. Adds $with between the original
           elements, unless the postfix of the current string is $noAddAfter.  This is used to
           avoid inserting blanks after hyphens during concatenation.  So unpleasant strings like
           'CALMODULIN- DEPENDENT' are avoided. Unfortunately a correct reassembly of strings
           like 'CARBON-DIOXIDE' is not done.

       insertLineGroup ($textRef, $text, $pattern)
           Inserts text block $text into the text referred to by $textRef. $text will replace the
           text block in $textRef matched by $pattern.

       uniqueList (@list)
           Returns a list in which all duplicates from @list have been removed.

           returns the current date in SWISS-PROT format

       toMixedCase($text, @regexps)
           Convert a text to mixed case, according to one or more regular expressions.  In scalar
           context, returns the new text; in array context, also returns the regexp with which
           the change was performed, or undef on failure.  See corresponding item in SWISS::GN
           for more details.