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       SbCylinderSheetProjector -

       The SbCylinderSheetProjector class projects 2D points to 3D points on a sheet covering a
       cylindrical shape.


       #include <Inventor/projectors/SbCylinderSheetProjector.h>

       Inherits SbCylinderProjector.

   Public Member Functions
       SbCylinderSheetProjector (const SbBool orienttoeye=TRUE)
       SbCylinderSheetProjector (const SbCylinder &cyl, const SbBool orienttoeye=TRUE)
       virtual SbProjector * copy (void) const
       virtual SbVec3f project (const SbVec2f &point)
       virtual SbRotation getRotation (const SbVec3f &point1, const SbVec3f &point2)

   Protected Member Functions
       virtual void setupPlane (void)

   Protected Attributes
       SbVec3f workingProjPoint
       SbVec3f planeDir
       SbPlane tolPlane

Detailed Description

       The SbCylinderSheetProjector class projects 2D points to 3D points on a sheet covering a
       cylindrical shape.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   SbCylinderSheetProjector::SbCylinderSheetProjector (const SbBoolorienttoeye = TRUE)
       Constructor. Uses default cylinder defintion, see
       orienttoeye decides whether or not the cylinder and sheet should always be oriented
       towards the viewer.

   SbCylinderSheetProjector::SbCylinderSheetProjector (const SbCylinder &cyl, const
       SbBoolorienttoeye = TRUE) Constructor with explicit definition of projection cylinder.

Member Function Documentation

   SbProjector * SbCylinderSheetProjector::copy (void) const [virtual] Construct and return a
       copy of this projector. The caller is responsible for destructing the new instance.
       Note that if the Coin library has been built as a DLL under Microsoft Windows and you use
       this method from application code, you must make sure that both the Coin DLL and the
       application executable is using the same instance of a C Run-Time (CRT) library.
       Otherwise, you will get memory heap corruption upon deallocating the returned instances,
       eventually leading to mysterious crashes.

       Implements SbProjector.

   SbVec3f SbCylinderSheetProjector::project (const SbVec2f &point) [virtual] Project the 2D
       point from normalized viewport coordinates to a 3D point. The mapping will be done in
       accordance with the type of the projector.
       Implements SbCylinderProjector.

   SbRotation SbCylinderSheetProjector::getRotation (const SbVec3f &point1, const SbVec3f
       &point2) [virtual] Returns rotation on the projection surface which re-orients point1 to
       Implements SbCylinderProjector.

   void SbCylinderSheetProjector::setupPlane (void) [protected, virtual] Recalculates projection
       surface settings after changes to the parameters.

Member Data Documentation

   SbCylinderSheetProjector::workingProjPoint [protected] Last projected point, in the working
       space coordinate system.
   SbCylinderSheetProjector::planeDir [protected] Normal vector of the plane defining the
       orientation of the sheet.
   SbCylinderSheetProjector::tolPlane [protected] The tolerance value specifying how much of the
       cylinder is 'above' the sheet.


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