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       SoBoundingBoxCache -

       The SoBoundingBoxCache class is used to cache bounding boxes.


       #include <Inventor/caches/SoBoundingBoxCache.h>

       Inherits SoCache.

   Public Member Functions
       SoBoundingBoxCache (SoState *state)
       virtual ~SoBoundingBoxCache ()
       void set (const SbXfBox3f &boundingbox, SbBool centerset, const SbVec3f &centerpoint)
       const SbXfBox3f & getBox () const
       const SbBox3f & getProjectedBox () const
       SbBool isCenterSet () const
       const SbVec3f & getCenter () const
       SbBool hasLinesOrPoints (void) const

   Static Public Member Functions
       static void setHasLinesOrPoints (SoState *state)

Detailed Description

       The SoBoundingBoxCache class is used to cache bounding boxes.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   SoBoundingBoxCache::SoBoundingBoxCache (SoState *state) Constructor with state being the
       current state.
   SoBoundingBoxCache::~SoBoundingBoxCache () [virtual] Destructor.

Member Function Documentation

   void SoBoundingBoxCache::set (const SbXfBox3f &boundingbox, SbBoolcenterset, const SbVec3f
       &centerpoint) Sets the data for this cache. boundingBox is the node's bounding box,
       centerSet and centerPoints specifies the center of the geometry inside boundingBox.
   const SbXfBox3f & SoBoundingBoxCache::getBox (void) const Returns the bounding box for this
   const SbBox3f & SoBoundingBoxCache::getProjectedBox (void) const Returns the projected
       bounding box for this cache.
   SbBool SoBoundingBoxCache::isCenterSet (void) const Returns whether the center of the bounding
       box was set in the SoBoundingBoxCache::set() method.
       See also:

   const SbVec3f & SoBoundingBoxCache::getCenter (void) const Returns the center of the bounding
       box. Should only be used if SoBoundingBoxCache::isCenterSet() returns TRUE.
   void SoBoundingBoxCache::setHasLinesOrPoints (SoState *state) [static] Sets the flag returned
       from SoBoundingBoxCache::hasLinesOrPoints() to TRUE for all open bounding box caches.
       The reason bounding box caches keep a lines-or-points flag is to make it known to client
       code if the shape(s) they contain have any of these primitives -- or are rendered with
       these primitives. The reason this is important to know for the client code is because it
       might need to add an 'epsilon' slack value to the calculated bounding box to account for
       smoothing / anti-aliasing effects in the renderer, so lines and points graphics is not
       accidently clipped by near and far clipping planes, for instance.

       This method is a static method on the class. It will upon invocation scan through the
       state stack and set the flag for all open SoBoundingBoxCache elements. It has been made to
       work like this so it can easily be invoked on all current bounding box cache instances
       from the SoShape-type nodes using lines and / or point primitives.

       See also:

   SbBool SoBoundingBoxCache::hasLinesOrPoints (void) const Return TRUE if the hasLinesOrPoints
       flag has been set.
       See also:


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