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       SoClipPlaneElement -

       The SoClipPlaneElement class is used to manage the clip plane stack.


       #include <Inventor/elements/SoClipPlaneElement.h>

       Inherits SoAccumulatedElement.

       Inherited by SoGLClipPlaneElement.

   Public Member Functions
       virtual void init (SoState *state)
       virtual void push (SoState *state)
       int getNum (void) const
       const SbPlane & get (const int index, const SbBool inworldspace=TRUE) const

   Static Public Member Functions
       static void initClass (void)
       static void add (SoState *const state, SoNode *const node, const SbPlane &plane)
       static const SoClipPlaneElement * getInstance (SoState *const state)

   Protected Member Functions
       virtual ~SoClipPlaneElement ()
       virtual void addToElt (const SbPlane &plane, const SbMatrix &modelmatrix)

   Protected Attributes
       SbList< so_plane_data > planes
       int startIndex

Detailed Description

       The SoClipPlaneElement class is used to manage the clip plane stack.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   SoClipPlaneElement::~SoClipPlaneElement () [protected, virtual] The destructor.

Member Function Documentation

   void SoClipPlaneElement::initClass (void) [static] Initialize relevant common data for all
       instances, like the type system.
       Reimplemented from SoAccumulatedElement.

       Reimplemented in SoGLClipPlaneElement.

   void SoClipPlaneElement::add (SoState *conststate, SoNode *constnode, const SbPlane &plane)
       [static] Adds plane as an active plane. Calls addToElt() to do the job.
   const SoClipPlaneElement * SoClipPlaneElement::getInstance (SoState *conststate) [static]
       Returns the current (top-of-stack) element.
   int SoClipPlaneElement::getNum (void) const Returns the current number of active clipping
   const SbPlane & SoClipPlaneElement::get (const intindex, const SbBoolinworldspace = TRUE)
       const Returns the 'th plane.
   void SoClipPlaneElement::addToElt (const SbPlane &plane, const SbMatrix &modelMatrix)
       [protected, virtual] This method adds the clipping plane, plane, to an instance.
       modelmatrix is the current model matrix.
       Reimplemented in SoGLClipPlaneElement.

Member Data Documentation

   SoClipPlaneElement::planes [protected] List of currently active planes.
   SoClipPlaneElement::startIndex [protected] Index of first clip plane in this element. Used to
       disable clip planes in SoGLClipPlaneElement::pop().


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