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       SoElement -

       SoElement is the abstract base class for all elements.


       #include <Inventor/elements/SoElement.h>

       Inherited by SoAccumulatedElement, SoCacheElement, SoCacheHintElement, SoCullElement,
       SoDepthBufferElement, SoFloatElement, SoGLCacheContextElement, SoGLRenderPassElement,
       SoGLUpdateAreaElement, SoGLVBOElement, SoInt32Element, SoLazyElement,
       SoLocalBBoxMatrixElement, SoMultiTextureCoordinateElement, SoMultiTextureEnabledElement,
       SoMultiTextureImageElement, SoOverrideElement, SoPickRayElement, SoProfilerElement,
       SoReplacedElement, SoShapeHintsElement, SoShapeStyleElement, SoTextureCombineElement,
       SoTextureOverrideElement, SoViewportRegionElement, and SoWindowElement.

   Public Member Functions
       const SoType getTypeId (void) const
       int getStackIndex (void) const
       virtual void init (SoState *state)
       virtual void push (SoState *state)
       virtual void pop (SoState *state, const SoElement *prevTopElement)
       virtual SbBool matches (const SoElement *element) const =0
       virtual SoElement * copyMatchInfo (void) const =0
       void setDepth (const int depth)
       int getDepth (void) const
       virtual void print (FILE *file=stdout) const
       virtual ~SoElement ()

   Static Public Member Functions
       static void initClass (void)
       static SoType getClassTypeId (void)
       static int getClassStackIndex (void)
       static void initElements (void)
       static int getNumStackIndices (void)
       static SoType getIdFromStackIndex (const int stackIndex)

   Protected Member Functions
       SoElement (void)
       void capture (SoState *const state) const
       virtual void captureThis (SoState *state) const
       void setTypeId (const SoType typeId)
       void setStackIndex (const int index)
       SoElement * getNextInStack (void) const
       SoElement * getNextFree (void) const

   Static Protected Member Functions
       static SoElement * getElement (SoState *const state, const int stackIndex)
       static const SoElement * getConstElement (SoState *const state, const int stackIndex)
       static int createStackIndex (const SoType id)

   Protected Attributes
       SoType typeId
       int stackIndex
       int depth

   Static Protected Attributes
       static int classStackIndex
       static SoTypeList * stackToType

Detailed Description

       SoElement is the abstract base class for all elements.

       This is the base class for all the element classes in Coin.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   SoElement::~SoElement () [virtual] The destructor.
   SoElement::SoElement (void) [protected] The constructor. To create element instances, use
       SoType::createInstance() for the elements type identifier..

Member Function Documentation

   void SoElement::initClass (void) [static] Initialize relevant common data for all instances,
       like the type system.
       Reimplemented in SoGLShadowCullingElement, SoShadowStyleElement, SoProfilerElement,
       SoAccumulatedElement, SoAmbientColorElement, SoAnnoText3CharOrientElement,
       SoAnnoText3FontSizeHintElement, SoAnnoText3RenderPrintElement, SoBBoxModelMatrixElement,
       SoBumpMapCoordinateElement, SoBumpMapMatrixElement, SoCacheElement, SoClipPlaneElement,
       SoComplexityElement, SoComplexityTypeElement, SoCoordinateElement, SoCreaseAngleElement,
       SoCullElement, SoDecimationPercentageElement, SoDecimationTypeElement,
       SoDepthBufferElement, SoDiffuseColorElement, SoDrawStyleElement, SoEmissiveColorElement,
       SoEnvironmentElement, SoFloatElement, SoFocalDistanceElement, SoFontNameElement,
       SoFontSizeElement, SoGLClipPlaneElement, SoGLColorIndexElement, SoGLCoordinateElement,
       SoGLDepthBufferElement, SoGLDrawStyleElement, SoGLEnvironmentElement, SoGLLazyElement,
       SoGLLightIdElement, SoGLLinePatternElement, SoGLLineWidthElement, SoGLModelMatrixElement,
       SoGLMultiTextureCoordinateElement, SoGLMultiTextureImageElement,
       SoGLMultiTextureMatrixElement, SoGLNormalElement, SoGLPointSizeElement,
       SoGLPolygonOffsetElement, SoGLProjectionMatrixElement, SoGLRenderPassElement,
       SoGLShapeHintsElement, SoGLTexture3EnabledElement, SoGLTextureCoordinateElement,
       SoGLTextureEnabledElement, SoGLTextureImageElement, SoGLTextureMatrixElement,
       SoGLUpdateAreaElement, SoGLVBOElement, SoGLViewingMatrixElement,
       SoGLViewportRegionElement, SoGeoElement, SoInt32Element, SoLazyElement,
       SoLightAttenuationElement, SoLightElement, SoLightModelElement, SoLinePatternElement,
       SoLineWidthElement, SoListenerDopplerElement, SoListenerGainElement,
       SoListenerOrientationElement, SoListenerPositionElement, SoLocalBBoxMatrixElement,
       SoMaterialBindingElement, SoModelMatrixElement, SoMultiTextureEnabledElement,
       SoMultiTextureImageElement, SoMultiTextureMatrixElement, SoNormalBindingElement,
       SoNormalElement, SoOverrideElement, SoPickRayElement, SoPickStyleElement,
       SoPointSizeElement, SoPolygonOffsetElement, SoProfileCoordinateElement, SoProfileElement,
       SoReplacedElement, SoShapeStyleElement, SoShininessElement, SoSoundElement,
       SoSpecularColorElement, SoSwitchElement, SoTextOutlineEnabledElement,
       SoTextureCombineElement, SoTextureCoordinateBindingElement, SoTextureCoordinateElement,
       SoTextureEnabledElement, SoTextureImageElement, SoTextureMatrixElement,
       SoTextureOverrideElement, SoTextureQualityElement, SoTextureUnitElement,
       SoTransparencyElement, SoUnitsElement, SoVertexAttributeBindingElement,
       SoViewVolumeElement, SoViewingMatrixElement, SoViewportRegionElement, and SoWindowElement.

   SoType SoElement::getClassTypeId (void) [static] This static method returns the class type.
   int SoElement::getClassStackIndex (void) [static] This static method returns the state stack
       index for the class.
   const SoType SoElement::getTypeId (void) const Returns the type identification of an object
       derived from a class inheriting SoElement. This is used for run-time type checking and
       'downward' casting.
       For a more thorough explanation of the run-time type identification functionality, see the
       documentation of SoBase::getTypeId().

   int SoElement::getStackIndex (void) const Returns the stack index for an element instance.
   SoElement * SoElement::copyMatchInfo (void) const [pure virtual] This function creates a copy
       of the element that contains enough information to enable the matches() function to work.
       Used to help with scenegraph traversal caching operations.

       Implemented in SoProfilerElement, SoAccumulatedElement, SoCacheElement, SoCullElement,
       SoDepthBufferElement, SoFloatElement, SoFontNameElement, SoGLRenderPassElement,
       SoGLUpdateAreaElement, SoGLVBOElement, SoInt32Element, SoLazyElement,
       SoLightAttenuationElement, SoLocalBBoxMatrixElement, SoMultiTextureEnabledElement,
       SoMultiTextureImageElement, SoOverrideElement, SoPickRayElement, SoReplacedElement,
       SoShapeStyleElement, SoTextureCombineElement, SoTextureOverrideElement,
       SoViewportRegionElement, and SoWindowElement.

   void SoElement::initElements (void) [static] This function initializes all the built-in Coin
       element classes.
   int SoElement::getNumStackIndices (void) [static] Returns the number of allocated element
       stack index slots.
   SoType SoElement::getIdFromStackIndex (const intstackIndex) [static] Returns the SoType
       identifier for the element class with element state stack index stackIndex.
   void SoElement::setDepth (const intdepth) Sets the depth value of the element instance in the
       state stack.
   int SoElement::getDepth (void) const Returns the state stack depth value of the element
   void SoElement::print (FILE *file = stdout) const [virtual] This function is for printing
       element information, and is used mostly for debugging purposes.
       Reimplemented in SoCoordinateElement, SoEnvironmentElement, SoFloatElement,
       SoFontNameElement, SoInt32Element, SoLightAttenuationElement, SoListenerDopplerElement,
       SoListenerOrientationElement, SoListenerPositionElement, SoOverrideElement,
       SoReplacedElement, SoSoundElement, SoTextureOverrideElement, and SoViewportRegionElement.

   SoElement * SoElement::getElement (SoState *conststate, const intstackIndex) [inline, static,
       protected] This method returns the top instance (in the state stack) of the element class
       with stack index stackIndex.
       The retuned instance is writable. To make this instance, some lazy evaluation may have to
       be perfomed, so use getConstElement() instead if the instance shouldn't be modified.

       If no instance is available and can not be made, NULL is returned.

       See also:
           const SoElement * SoElement::getConstElement(SoState * const state, const int

   void const SoElement * SoElement::getConstElement (SoState *conststate, const intstackIndex)
       [inline, static, protected] This method returns a reference to the top element of the
       class with stack index stackIndex. The returned element is non-mutable.
       (Don't try to be clever and cast away the constness -- if the returned instance is
       modified, strange, hard to find and generally wonderful bugs will most likely start to

       If no instance can be returned, NULL is returned.

       See also:
           SoElement * SoElement::getElement(SoState * const state, const int stackIndex)

   void SoElement::capture (SoState *conststate) const [inline, protected] This function does
       whatever is necessary in the state for caching purposes. If should be called by subclasses
       of SoElement whenever any value in the element is accessed.
   void SoElement::captureThis (SoState *state) const [protected, virtual] Adds the element to
       the cache.
       Reimplemented in SoAccumulatedElement.

   void SoElement::setTypeId (const SoTypetypeId) [protected] Sets the type identifier of an
       Note that this is fundamentally different from the SoNode run-time type system.

   void SoElement::setStackIndex (const intstackIndex) [protected] Sets the stack index in an
       instance. Used in constructors of derived elements.
   int SoElement::createStackIndex (const SoTypetypeId) [static, protected] Returns the value of
       a new available stack index.
   SoElement * SoElement::getNextInStack (void) const [protected] Returns the next element down
       in the stack. Should be used in push() to get the previous element.
       This method has a slightly misleading name, but we didn't change it to stay compatible
       with the original SGI Inventor API.

   SoElement * SoElement::getNextFree (void) const [protected] Returns the next free element, ie
       the next element up in the stack.

Member Data Documentation

   int SoElement::classStackIndex [static, protected] This is the static state stack index for
       the class.
   SoType SoElement::typeId [protected] The element's unique SoType type identification.
   int SoElement::stackIndex [protected] The index in the state stack for this particular element
   SoTypeList * SoElement::stackToType [static, protected] Provides mapping from state stack
       indices to element types.
   int SoElement::depth [protected] The depth of the element instance in the state stack.


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