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       SoPrimitiveVertexCache -


       Inherits SoCache.

   Public Types
       enum Arrays { NORMAL =  0x01, TEXCOORD =  0x02, COLOR =  0x04, ALL =

   Public Member Functions
       SoPrimitiveVertexCache (SoState *state)
       virtual ~SoPrimitiveVertexCache ()
       void renderTriangles (SoState *state, const int arrays=ALL) const
       void renderLines (SoState *state, const int arrays=ALL) const
       void renderPoints (SoState *state, const int array=ALL) const
       void addTriangle (const SoPrimitiveVertex *v0, const SoPrimitiveVertex *v1, const
           SoPrimitiveVertex *v2, const int *pointdetailidx=NULL)
       void addLine (const SoPrimitiveVertex *v0, const SoPrimitiveVertex *v1)
       void addPoint (const SoPrimitiveVertex *v)
       int getNumVertices (void) const
       const SbVec3f * getVertexArray (void) const
       const SbVec3f * getNormalArray (void) const
       const SbVec4f * getTexCoordArray (void) const
       const SbVec2f * getBumpCoordArray (void) const
       const uint8_t * getColorArray (void) const
       int getNumTriangleIndices (void) const
       const GLint * getTriangleIndices (void) const
       int32_t getTriangleIndex (const int idx) const
       SbBool colorPerVertex (void) const
       const SbVec4f * getMultiTextureCoordinateArray (const int unit) const
       int getNumLineIndices (void) const
       const GLint * getLineIndices (void) const
       int getNumPointIndices (void) const
       const GLint * getPointIndices (void) const
       void fit (void)
       void depthSortTriangles (SoState *state)

Detailed Description

       The SoPrimitiveVertexClass is used to cache generated triangles.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   SoPrimitiveVertexCache::SoPrimitiveVertexCache (SoState *state) Constructor.
   SoPrimitiveVertexCache::~SoPrimitiveVertexCache () [virtual] Destructor.


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