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       SoSceneManager -

       The SoSceneManager class provides the main interface between the scene graph and the GUI

       The renderarea class from the GUI toolkit you are using uses this class as the interface
       against the scene graph. Event handling and providing 'hooks' to do rendering are the main
       functions of the class.


       #include <Inventor/SoSceneManager.h>

   Public Member Functions
       SoSceneManager (void)
       virtual ~SoSceneManager ()
       virtual void render (const SbBool clearwindow=TRUE, const SbBool clearzbuffer=TRUE)
       virtual void render (SoGLRenderAction *action, const SbBool initmatrices=TRUE, const
           SbBool clearwindow=TRUE, const SbBool clearzbuffer=TRUE)
       void setCamera (SoCamera *camera)
       SoCamera * getCamera (void) const
       virtual SbBool processEvent (const SoEvent *const event)
       void reinitialize (void)
       void scheduleRedraw (void)
       virtual void setSceneGraph (SoNode *const sceneroot)
       virtual SoNode * getSceneGraph (void) const
       void setWindowSize (const SbVec2s &newsize)
       const SbVec2s & getWindowSize (void) const
       void setSize (const SbVec2s &newsize)
       const SbVec2s & getSize (void) const
       void setOrigin (const SbVec2s &newOrigin)
       const SbVec2s & getOrigin (void) const
       void setViewportRegion (const SbViewportRegion &newRegion)
       const SbViewportRegion & getViewportRegion (void) const
       void setBackgroundColor (const SbColor &color)
       const SbColor & getBackgroundColor (void) const
       void setBackgroundIndex (const int index)
       int getBackgroundIndex (void) const
       void setRGBMode (const SbBool onOrOff)
       SbBool isRGBMode (void) const
       virtual void activate (void)
       virtual void deactivate (void)
       void setRenderCallback (SoSceneManagerRenderCB *f, void *const userData=NULL)
       SbBool isAutoRedraw (void) const
       void setRedrawPriority (const uint32_t priority)
       uint32_t getRedrawPriority (void) const
       void setAntialiasing (const SbBool smoothing, const int numPasses)
       void getAntialiasing (SbBool &smoothing, int &numPasses) const
       void setGLRenderAction (SoGLRenderAction *const action)
       SoGLRenderAction * getGLRenderAction (void) const
       void setAudioRenderAction (SoAudioRenderAction *const action)
       SoAudioRenderAction * getAudioRenderAction (void) const
       void setHandleEventAction (SoHandleEventAction *hea)
       SoHandleEventAction * getHandleEventAction (void) const

   Static Public Member Functions
       static uint32_t getDefaultRedrawPriority (void)
       static void enableRealTimeUpdate (const SbBool flag)
       static SbBool isRealTimeUpdateEnabled (void)

   Protected Member Functions
       int isActive (void) const
       void redraw (void)

Detailed Description

       The SoSceneManager class provides the main interface between the scene graph and the GUI

       The renderarea class from the GUI toolkit you are using uses this class as the interface
       against the scene graph. Event handling and providing 'hooks' to do rendering are the main
       functions of the class.

       A Coin library instance within an application will typically contain a single
       SoSceneManager object. The pointer for this object is stored in the GUI renderarea class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   SoSceneManager::SoSceneManager (void) Constructor. Sets up default SoGLRenderAction and
       SoHandleEventAction instances.
   SoSceneManager::~SoSceneManager () [virtual] Destructor.

Member Function Documentation

   void SoSceneManager::render (const SbBoolclearwindow = TRUE, const SbBoolclearzbuffer = TRUE)
       [virtual] Render the scene graph.
       If clearwindow is TRUE, clear the rendering buffer before drawing. If clearzbuffer is
       TRUE, clear the depth buffer values before rendering. Both of these arguments should
       normally be TRUE, but they can be set to FALSE to optimize for special cases (e.g. when
       doing wireframe rendering one doesn't need a depth buffer).

   void SoSceneManager::render (SoGLRenderAction *action, const SbBoolinitmatrices = TRUE, const
       SbBoolclearwindow = TRUE, const SbBoolclearzbuffer = TRUE) [virtual] Render method used
       for thread safe rendering.
       Since only one thread can use an SoGLRenderAction, this method enables you to supply your
       own thread-specific SoGLRenderAction to be used for rendering the scene.

       If initmatrices is TRUE, the OpenGL model and projection matrices will be initialized to
       identity matrices before applying the action.

       If clearwindow is TRUE, clear the rendering buffer before drawing. If clearzbuffer is
       TRUE, clear the depth buffer values before rendering.

       This function is an extension for Coin, and it is not available in the original SGI Open
       Inventor v2.1 API.

           Coin 2.0

   void SoSceneManager::setCamera (SoCamera *camera) Sets the camera to be used.
   SoCamera * SoSceneManager::getCamera (void) const Returns the current camera.
   SbBool SoSceneManager::processEvent (const SoEvent *constevent) [virtual] Process the given
       event by applying an SoHandleEventAction on the scene graph.
   void SoSceneManager::reinitialize (void) Reinitialize after parameters affecting the OpenGL
       context has changed.
   void SoSceneManager::scheduleRedraw (void) Redraw at first opportunity as system becomes idle.
       Multiple calls to this method before an actual redraw has taken place will only result in
       a single redraw of the scene.

   void SoSceneManager::setSceneGraph (SoNode *constsceneroot) [virtual] Set the node which is
       top of the scene graph we're managing. The sceneroot node reference count will be
       increased by 1, and any previously set scene graph top node will have it's reference count
       decreased by 1.
       See also:

   SoNode * SoSceneManager::getSceneGraph (void) const [virtual] Returns pointer to root of scene
   void SoSceneManager::setWindowSize (const SbVec2s &newsize) Update window size of our
       SoGLRenderAction's viewport settings.
       Note that this will only change the information about window dimensions, the actual
       viewport size and origin (ie the rectangle which redraws are confined to) will stay the

       See also:

   const SbVec2s & SoSceneManager::getWindowSize (void) const Returns the current render action
       window size.
       See also:

   void SoSceneManager::setSize (const SbVec2s &newsize) Set size of rendering area for the
       viewport within the current window.
   const SbVec2s & SoSceneManager::getSize (void) const Returns size of render area.
   void SoSceneManager::setOrigin (const SbVec2s &newOrigin) Set only the origin of the viewport
       region within the rendering window.
       See also:
           setViewportRegion(), setWindowSize()

   const SbVec2s & SoSceneManager::getOrigin (void) const Returns origin of rendering area
       See also:

   void SoSceneManager::setViewportRegion (const SbViewportRegion &newregion) Update our
       SoGLRenderAction's viewport settings.
       This will change both the information about window dimensions and the actual viewport size
       and origin.

       See also:

   const SbViewportRegion & SoSceneManager::getViewportRegion (void) const Returns current
       viewport region used by the renderaction and the event handling.
       See also:

   void SoSceneManager::setBackgroundColor (const SbColor &color) Sets color of rendering canvas.
   const SbColor & SoSceneManager::getBackgroundColor (void) const Returns color used for
       clearing the rendering area before rendering the scene.
   void SoSceneManager::setBackgroundIndex (const intindex) Set index of background color in the
       color lookup table if rendering in colorindex mode.
       Note: colorindex mode is not supported yet in Coin.

   int SoSceneManager::getBackgroundIndex (void) const Returns index of colormap for background
       See also:

   void SoSceneManager::setRGBMode (const SbBoolyes) Turn RGB truecolor mode on or off. If you
       turn truecolor mode off, colorindex mode will be used instead.
   SbBool SoSceneManager::isRGBMode (void) const Returns the 'truecolor or colorindex' mode flag.
   void SoSceneManager::activate (void) [virtual] Activate rendering and event handling. Default
       is off.
   void SoSceneManager::deactivate (void) [virtual] Deactive rendering and event handling.
   void SoSceneManager::setRenderCallback (SoSceneManagerRenderCB *f, void *constuserdata = NULL)
       Set the callback function f to invoke when rendering the scene. userdata will be passed as
       the first argument of the function.
   SbBool SoSceneManager::isAutoRedraw (void) const Returns TRUE if the SoSceneManager
       automatically redraws the scene upon detecting changes in the scene graph.
       The automatic redraw is turned on and off by setting either a valid callback function with
       setRenderCallback(), or by passing NULL.

   void SoSceneManager::setRedrawPriority (const uint32_tpriority) Set up the redraw priority for
       the SoOneShotSensor used to trigger redraws. By setting this lower than for your own
       sensors, you can make sure some code is always run before redraw happens.
       See also:

   uint32_t SoSceneManager::getRedrawPriority (void) const Returns value of priority on the
       redraw sensor.
   void SoSceneManager::setAntialiasing (const SbBoolsmoothing, const intnumpasses) Turn
       antialiased rendering on or off.
       See documentation for SoGLRenderAction::setSmoothing() and

   void SoSceneManager::getAntialiasing (SbBool &smoothing, int &numpasses) const Returns
       rendering pass information.
       See also:

   void SoSceneManager::setGLRenderAction (SoGLRenderAction *constaction) Set the action to use
       for rendering. Overrides the default action made in the constructor.
   SoGLRenderAction * SoSceneManager::getGLRenderAction (void) const Returns pointer to render
   void SoSceneManager::setAudioRenderAction (SoAudioRenderAction *constaction) Set the action to
       use for rendering audio. Overrides the default action made in the constructor.
   SoAudioRenderAction * SoSceneManager::getAudioRenderAction (void) const Returns pointer to
       audio render action.
   void SoSceneManager::setHandleEventAction (SoHandleEventAction *hea) Set the action to use for
       event handling. Overrides the default action made in the constructor.
   SoHandleEventAction * SoSceneManager::getHandleEventAction (void) const Returns pointer to
       event handler action.
   uint32_t SoSceneManager::getDefaultRedrawPriority (void) [static] Returns the default priority
       of the redraw sensor.
       See also:
           SoDelayQueueSensor, setRedrawPriority()

   void SoSceneManager::enableRealTimeUpdate (const SbBoolflag) [static] Set whether or not for
       SoSceneManager instances to 'touch' the global realTime field after a redraw. If this is
       not done, redrawing when animating the scene will only happen as fast as the realTime
       interval goes (which defaults to 12 times a second).
       See also:

   SbBool SoSceneManager::isRealTimeUpdateEnabled (void) [static] Returns whether or not we
       automatically notifies everything connected to the realTime field after a redraw.
   int SoSceneManager::isActive (void) const [protected] Returns the active flag.
   void SoSceneManager::redraw (void) [protected] Do an immediate redraw by calling the redraw
       callback function.


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