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       SoVRMLScalarInterpolator -

       The SoVRMLScalarInterpolator class is used to interpolate scalar values.


       #include <Inventor/VRMLnodes/SoVRMLScalarInterpolator.h>

       Inherits SoVRMLInterpolator.

   Public Member Functions
       SoVRMLScalarInterpolator (void)

   Static Public Member Functions
       static void initClass (void)

   Public Attributes
       SoMFFloat keyValue
       SoEngineOutput value_changed

   Protected Member Functions
       virtual ~SoVRMLScalarInterpolator ()

Detailed Description

       The SoVRMLScalarInterpolator class is used to interpolate scalar values.

         ScalarInterpolator {
           eventIn      SFFloat set_fraction         # (-inf, inf)
           exposedField MFFloat key           []     # (-inf, inf)
           exposedField MFFloat keyValue      []     # (-inf, inf)
           eventOut     SFFloat value_changed

       This node linearly interpolates among a list of SFFloat values. This interpolator is appropriate for any parameter defined using a single floating point value. Examples include width, radius, and intensity fields. The keyValue field shall contain exactly as many numbers as there are keyframes in the key field. A more detailed discussion of interpolators is available in 4.6.8, Interpolator nodes (<>).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   SoVRMLScalarInterpolator::SoVRMLScalarInterpolator (void) Constructor.
   SoVRMLScalarInterpolator::~SoVRMLScalarInterpolator () [protected, virtual] Destructor.

Member Function Documentation

   void SoVRMLScalarInterpolator::initClass (void) [static] Sets up initialization for data
       common to all instances of this class, like submitting necessary information to the Coin
       type system.
       Reimplemented from SoVRMLInterpolator.

Member Data Documentation

   SoMFFloat SoVRMLScalarInterpolator::keyValue The keyValue vector.
   SoEngineOutput SoVRMLScalarInterpolator::value_changed The eventOut which is sent every time
       the interpolator has calculated a new value.


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