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       TAP::Parser::Iterator::Process - Iterator for process-based TAP sources


       Version 3.23


         use TAP::Parser::Iterator::Process;
         my %args = (
          command  => ['python', '', 'test'],
          merge    => 1,
          setup    => sub { ... },
          teardown => sub { ... },
         my $it   = TAP::Parser::Iterator::Process->new(\%args);
         my $line = $it->next;


       This is a simple iterator wrapper for executing external processes, used by TAP::Parser.
       Unless you're writing a plugin or subclassing, you probably won't need to use this module


   Class Methods

       Create an iterator.  Expects one argument containing a hashref of the form:

          command  => \@command_to_execute
          merge    => $attempt_merge_stderr_and_stdout?
          setup    => $callback_to_setup_command
          teardown => $callback_to_teardown_command

       Tries to uses IPC::Open3 & IO::Select to communicate with the spawned process if they are
       available.  Falls back onto "open()".

   Instance Methods

       Iterate through the process output, of course.


       Iterate raw input without applying any fixes for quirky input syntax.


       Get the wait status for this iterator's process.


       Get the exit status for this iterator's process.


       Upgrade the input stream to handle UTF8.


       Return a list of filehandles that may be used upstream in a select() call to signal that
       this Iterator is ready. Iterators that are not handle based should return an empty list.


       Originally ripped off from Test::Harness.


       TAP::Object, TAP::Parser, TAP::Parser::Iterator,