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       TM::ResourceAble::MLDBM - Topic Maps, DBM Storage (synchronous)


           use TM::ResourceAble::MLDBM;
           my $tm = new TM::ResourceAble::MLDBM (file => '/tmp/map.dbm');
           # modify the map here.....

           } # it goes out of scope here, and all changes are written back automagically

          # later in the game
           my $tm = new TM::ResourceAble::MLDBM (file => '/tmp/map.dbm');
           # we are back in business, no sync necessary


       This package just implements TM with a BerkeleyDB store. Unlike TM::Materialized::MLDBM
       this module does not need explicit synchronisation with the external resource (the DBM
       file here).  It ties content-wise with the DBM file at constructor time and unties at
       DESTROY time.

       This implementation technique is not so memory-efficient as I had thought. Whenever an
       assertion or a toplet is referenced, the whole block of toplets, resp. assertions, is
       loaded from the DB database.  For small maps this is really fast, but it can become a drag
       for larger maps. See TM::ResourceAble::BDB for a more efficient solution.

       NOTE: Be careful to use this together with TM::Index::*. The indices will be held as part
       of the map, and so will be stored along side. If you heavily use the map, this can result
       in many swapin/swapouts.  Better to look at TM::IndexAble for that matter.


       The constructor expects a hash with the following keys:

       file (no default)
           This contains the file name of the DBM file to tie to.


       TM, TM::Materialized::MLDBM


       Copyright 200[68], Robert Barta <>, All rights reserved.

       This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.