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       Text::Greeking - a module for generating meaningless text that creates the illusion of the
       finished document.


        #!/usr/bin/perl -w
        use strict;

        use Text::Greeking;

        my $g = Text::Greeking->new;
        $g->paragraphs(1,2) # min of 1 paragraph and a max of 2
        $g->sentences(2,5) # min of 2 sentences per paragraph and a max of 5
        $g->words(8,16) # min of 8 words per sentence and a max of 16
        print $g->generate; # use default Lorem Ipsum source


       Greeking is the use of random letters or marks to show the overall appearance of a printed
       page without showing the actual text. Greeking is used to make it easy to judge the
       overall appearance of a document without being distracted by the meaning of the text.

       This is a module is for quickly generating varying meaningless text from any source to
       create this illusion of the content in systems.

       This module was created to quickly give developers simulated content to fill systems with
       simulated content. Instead of static Lorem Ipsum text, by using randomly generated text
       and optionally varying word sources, repetitive and monotonous patterns that do not
       represent real system usage is avoided.


           Constructor method. Returns a new instance of the class.

           Initializes object with defaults. Called by the constructor.  Broken out for easy
           overloading to enable customized defaults and other behaviour.

           Gets/sets the table of source word collections current in memory as an ARRAY reference

           The class takes a body of text passed as a SCALAR and processes it into a list of word
           tokens for use in generating random filler text later.

           Returns a body of random text generated from a randomly selected source using the
           minimum and maximum values set by paragraphs, sentences, and words minimum and maximum
           values.  If generate is called without any sources a standard Lorem Ipsum block is
           used added to the sources and then used for processing the random text.

           Sets the minimum and maximum number of paragraphs to generate. Default is a minimum of
           2 and a maximum of 8.

           Sets the minimum and maximum number of sentences to generate per paragraph. Default is
           a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8.

           Sets the minimum and maximum number of words to generate per sentence. Default is a
           minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15.



       HTML output mode including random hyperlinked phrases.
       Configurable punctuation controls.


       I welcome and accept patches in diff format. If you wish to hack on this code, please fork
       the git repository found at: <>. If you have
       something to push back to my repository, just use the "pull request" button on the github


       The software is released under the Artistic License. The terms of the Artistic License are
       described at <>.


       Except where otherwise noted, Text::Greeking is Copyright 2005-2009, Timothy Appnel, All rights reserved.