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       Tk_FontId, Tk_GetFontMetrics, Tk_PostscriptFontName - accessor functions for fonts


       #include <tk.h>


       Tk_GetFontMetrics(tkfont, fmPtr)

       Tk_PostscriptFontName(tkfont, dsPtr)


       Tk_Font tkfont (in)                 Opaque  font  token  being  queried.   Must  have been
                                           returned by a previous call to Tk_GetFont.

       Tk_FontMetrics *fmPtr (out)         Pointer to structure in which  the  font  metrics  for
                                           tkfont  will  be stored. See DATA STRUCTURES below for

       Tcl_DString *dsPtr (out)            Pointer to an initialized  Tcl_DString  to  which  the
                                           name of the Postscript font that corresponds to tkfont
                                           will be appended.


       Given a tkfont, Tk_FontId returns the token that should  be  selected  into  an  XGCValues
       structure  in  order  to construct a graphics context that can be used to draw text in the
       specified font.

       Tk_GetFontMetrics computes the ascent, descent, and linespace of the tkfont in pixels  and
       stores  those  values  in  the structure pointer to by fmPtr.  These values can be used in
       computations such as to space multiple lines of text, to align the baselines  of  text  in
       different  fonts,  and  to vertically align text in a given region.  See the documentation
       for the font command for definitions of the terms ascent, descent, and linespace, used  in
       font metrics.

       Tk_PostscriptFontName  maps a tkfont to the corresponding Postscript font name that should
       be used when printing.  The return value is the size in  points  of  the  tkfont  and  the
       Postscript  font  name  is  appended  to  dsPtr.   DsPtr  must  refer  to  an  initialized
       Tcl_DString.  Given a “reasonable” Postscript printer, the following screen font  families
       should print correctly:

              Avant  Garde,  Arial, Bookman, Courier, Courier New, Geneva, Helvetica, Monaco, New
              Century Schoolbook, New York,  Palatino,  Symbol,  Times,  Times  New  Roman,  Zapf
              Chancery, and Zapf Dingbats.

       Any  other font families may not print correctly because the computed Postscript font name
       may be incorrect or not exist on the printer.


       The Tk_FontMetrics data structure is used by Tk_GetFontMetrics to return information about
       a font and is defined as follows:
              typedef struct Tk_FontMetrics {
                  int ascent;
                  int descent;
                  int linespace;
              } Tk_FontMetrics;

       The  ascent  field  is  the  amount  in pixels that the tallest letter sticks up above the
       baseline, plus any extra blank space added by the designer of the font.

       The descent is the largest amount in pixels that any letter  sticks  below  the  baseline,
       plus any extra blank space added by the designer of the font.

       The  linespace  is  the sum of the ascent and descent.  How far apart two lines of text in
       the same font should be placed so that none of the characters in one line overlap  any  of
       the characters in the other line.


       font(3tk), MeasureChar(3tk)


       font, measurement, Postscript