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       Tk_Main - main program for Tk-based applications


       #include <tk.h>

       Tk_Main(argc, argv, appInitProc)


       int argc (in)                              Number of elements in argv.

       char *argv[] (in)                          Array   of   strings   containing  command-line

       Tcl_AppInitProc *appInitProc (in)          Address     of     an      application-specific
                                                  initialization  procedure.   The value for this
                                                  argument is usually Tcl_AppInit.


       Tk_Main acts as the main program for most Tk-based applications.  Starting with Tk 4.0  it
       is not called main anymore because it is part of the Tk library and having a function main
       in a library (particularly a shared library) causes problems on many systems.  Having main
       in  the  Tk  library would also make it hard to use Tk in C++ programs, since C++ programs
       must have special C++ main functions.

       Normally each application contains a small main function  that  does  nothing  but  invoke
       Tk_Main.  Tk_Main then does all the work of creating and running a wish-like application.

       When  it is has finished its own initialization, but before it processes commands, Tk_Main
       calls the procedure given by the appInitProc argument.  This procedure provides  a  “hook”
       for  the  application  to  perform  its  own initialization, such as defining application-
       specific  commands.   The  procedure  must  have  an  interface  that  matches  the   type
              typedef int Tcl_AppInitProc(Tcl_Interp *interp);
       AppInitProc is almost always a pointer to Tcl_AppInit; for more details on this procedure,
       see the documentation for Tcl_AppInit.


       application-specific initialization, command-line arguments, main program