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       TreeRadial -

       TreeRadial.cpp - An implementation of a radial drawing of trees.


   Public Member Functions
       void dfsComputeNodeRadii (node n, unsigned depth, SizeProperty *sizes)
       void bfsComputeLayerRadii (float lSpacing, float nSpacing, SizeProperty *sizes)
       double dfsComputeAngularSpread (node n, unsigned int depth, SizeProperty *sizes,
           DoubleProperty *angles)
       void doLayout (node n, unsigned int depth, double startAngle, double endAngle,
           DoubleProperty *angles, bool checkAngle=false)
       TreeRadial (const PropertyContext &context)
       bool run ()

   Public Attributes
       Graph * tree
       vector< float > nRadii
       vector< float > lRadii
       vector< vector< node > > bfs

Detailed Description

       TreeRadial.cpp - An implementation of a radial drawing of trees.

       This algorithm is inspired from MoireGraphs: Radial Focus+Context Visualization and
       Interaction for Graphs with Visual Nodes from T. J. Jankun-Kelly, Kwan-Liu Ma published in
       IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization (2003)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   TreeRadial::TreeRadial (const PropertyContext &context) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

   void TreeRadial::bfsComputeLayerRadii (floatlSpacing, floatnSpacing, SizeProperty *sizes)
   double TreeRadial::dfsComputeAngularSpread (noden, unsigned intdepth, SizeProperty *sizes,
       DoubleProperty *angles) [inline]
   void TreeRadial::dfsComputeNodeRadii (noden, unsigneddepth, SizeProperty *sizes) [inline]
   void TreeRadial::doLayout (noden, unsigned intdepth, doublestartAngle, doubleendAngle,
       DoubleProperty *angles, boolcheckAngle = false) [inline]
   bool TreeRadial::run () [inline]

Member Data Documentation

   vector<vector <node> > TreeRadial::bfs
   vector<float> TreeRadial::lRadii
   vector<float> TreeRadial::nRadii
   Graph* TreeRadial::tree


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