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       Verilog::Netlist::Net - Net for a Verilog Module


         use Verilog::Netlist;

         my $net = $module->find_net ('signalname');
         print $net->name;


       A Verilog::Netlist::Net object is created by Verilog::Netlist::Module for every signal and
       input/output declaration, and parameter in the current module.


       See also Verilog::Netlist::Subclass for additional accessors and methods.

           Any array (vector) declaration for the net.  This is for multidimensional signals, for
           the width of a signal, use msb/lsb/width.

           Returns any comments following the definition.  keep_comments=>1 must be passed to
           Verilog::Netlist::new for comments to be retained.

           The data type of the net.  This may be a data type keyword ("integer", "logic", etc),
           user defined type from a type def, a range ("[11:0]", "signed [1:0]" or "" for an
           implicit wire.

           How the net was declared.  A declaration keyword ("genvar", "localparam", "parameter",
           "var") or "port" if only as a port - and see the port method, or "net" - and see the
           net_type method.

           Reference to the Verilog::Netlist::Module or Verilog::Netlist::Interface the net is

           The least significant bit number of the net.

           The most significant bit number of the net.

           The name of the net.

           The net type, if one applies.  Always a net type keyword ('supply0', 'supply1', 'tri',
           'tri0', 'tri1', 'triand', 'trior', 'trireg', 'wand', 'wire', 'wor').

           The type function is provided for backward compatibility to Verilog-Perl versions
           before 3.200. Applications should change to use data_type() and/or decl_type()

           The type function returns an agglomeration of data_type, net_type and decl_type that
           worked ok in Verilog, but does not work with SystemVerilog.  Calls to type() will be
           converted to calls to data_type, decl_type or net_type in a way that attempts to
           maintain backward compatibility, however compatibility is not always possible.

           If the net's type is 'parameter', the value from the parameter's declaration.

           The width of the net in bits.


       See also Verilog::Netlist::Subclass for additional accessors and methods.

           Checks the net for errors.  Normally called by Verilog::Netlist::lint.

           Prints debugging information for this net.

           Prints debugging information for this net, and all pins driving the net.


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       suite.  The latest version is available from CPAN and from <>.

       Copyright 2000-2012 by Wilson Snyder.  This package is free software; you can redistribute
       it and/or modify it under the terms of either the GNU Lesser General Public License
       Version 3 or the Perl Artistic License Version 2.0.


       Wilson Snyder <>


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