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       VolPack - introduction to VolPack, a library for volume rendering


       #include <volpack.h>

       cc file.c -lvolpack -lm


       VolPack  is a portable software library for volume rendering.  It is based on a new family
       of fast volume rendering algorithms (see Philippe Lacroute and  Marc  Levoy,  Fast  Volume
       Rendering  Using  a Shear-Warp Factorization of the Viewing Transformation, Proc. SIGGRAPH
       '94, in Computer Graphics, Annual Conference Series, 1994, pp. 451-458).  For  a  tutorial
       introduction to the library see the VolPack User's Guide.

       The  following  list  includes  all  of  the  functions  in the library grouped by general
       function, along with the corresponding man pages.

   Rendering Contexts
       vpCreateContext               vpCreateContext(3)
       vpDestroyContext              vpCreateContext(3)

       vpSetVolumeSize               vpSetVolumeSize(3)
       vpSetVoxelSize                vpSetVoxelSize(3)
       vpSetVoxelField               vpSetVoxelField(3)
       vpFieldOffset                 vpSetVoxelField(3)
       vpSetRawVoxels                vpSetRawVoxels(3)
       vpVolumeNormals               vpVolumeNormals(3)
       vpScanlineNormals             vpScanlineNormals(3)
       vpNormalIndex                 vpNormalIndex(3)
       vpNormal                      vpNormalIndex(3)

   Classified Volumes
       vpSetClassifierTable          vpSetClassifierTable(3)
       vpClassifyVolume              vpClassifyVolume(3)
       vpDestroyClassifiedVolume     vpClassifyVolume(3)
       vpClassifyScalars             vpClassifyScalars(3)
       vpClassifyScanline            vpClassifyScanline(3)

   Min-Max Octrees
       vpCreateMinMaxOctree          vpCreateMinMaxOctree(3)
       vpMinMaxOctreeThreshold       vpCreateMinMaxOctree(3)
       vpDestroyMinMaxOctree         vpCreateMinMaxOctree(3)
       vpOctreeMask                  vpOctreeMask(3)

   View Transformations
       vpCurrentMatrix               vpCurrentMatrix(3)
       vpIdentityMatrix              vpIdentityMatrix(3)
       vpTranslate                   vpTranslate(3)
       vpRotate                      vpRotate(3)
       vpScale                       vpScale(3)
       vpMultMatrix                  vpMultMatrix(3)
       vpSetMatrix                   vpSetMatrix(3)
       vpWindow                      vpWindow(3)
       vpWindowPHIGS                 vpWindowPHIGS(3)

   Shading and Lighting
       vpSetLookupShader             vpSetLookupShader(3)
       vpSetShadowLookupShader       vpSetShadowLookupShader(3)
       vpSetLight                    vpSetLight(3)
       vpSetMaterial                 vpSetMaterial(3)
       vpShadeTable                  vpShadeTable(3)
       vpSetDepthCueing              vpSetDepthCueing(3)

       vpSetImage                    vpSetImage(3)
       vpRenderClassifiedVolume      vpRenderRawVolume(3)
       vpRenderRawVolume             vpRenderRawVolume(3)

   State Variables
       vpEnable                      vpEnable(3)
       vpSeti                        vpSeti(3)
       vpSetd                        vpSeti(3)
       vpGeti                        vpGeti(3)
       vpGetd                        vpGeti(3)
       vpGetp                        vpGeti(3)
       vpGetMatrix                   vpGetMatrix(3)
       vpGetMaterial                 vpGetvpSetMaterial(3)
       vpGetLight                    vpGetvpSetLight(3)
       vpSetCallback                 vpSetCallback(3)
       vpSetClientData               vpSetClientData(3)

   File I/O
       vpLoadClassifiedVolume        vpLoadRawVolume(3)
       vpLoadMinMaxOctree            vpLoadRawVolume(3)
       vpLoadRawVolume               vpLoadRawVolume(3)
       vpLoadContext                 vpLoadRawVolume(3)
       vpStoreClassifiedVolume       vpStoreRawVolume(3)
       vpStoreMinMaxOctree           vpStoreRawVolume(3)
       vpStoreRawVolume              vpStoreRawVolume(3)
       vpStoreContext                vpStoreRawVolume(3)

   Utility Functions
       vpRamp                        vpRamp(3)
       vpExtract                     vpExtract(3)
       vpTranspose                   vpTranspose(3)
       vpResample                    vpResample(3)
       vpSetFilter                   vpSetFilter(3)
       vpBoxFilter                   vpBoxFilter(3)
       vpLinearFilter                vpBoxFilter(3)
       vpBicubicFilter               vpBoxFilter(3)
       vpGaussianFilter              vpBoxFilter(3)
       vpIdentity3                   LinearAlgebra(3)
       vpIdentity4                   LinearAlgebra(3)
       vpSetVector3                  LinearAlgebra(3)
       vpSetVector4                  LinearAlgebra(3)
       vpNormalize3                  LinearAlgebra(3)
       vpMatrixVectorMult4           LinearAlgebra(3)
       vpMatrixMult4                 LinearAlgebra(3)
       vpCrossProduct                LinearAlgebra(3)
       vpSolveSystem4                LinearAlgebra(3)

   Error Handling
       vpGetError                    vpGetError(3)
       vpGetErrorString              vpGetError(3)

       vpSetDebug                    vpSetDebug(3)
       vpTracePixel                  vpTracePixel(3)
       vpGetImage                    vpGetvpSetImage(3)
       vpBruteForceRender            vpBruteForceRender(3)


       The following data types are declared in the VolPack header file (volpack.h):

              An opaque  handle  for  a  rendering  context.   A  context  contains  all  of  the
              information  required  to  render  a  volume,  including classification and shading
              parameters, the view transformation, a description of  the  format  of  the  volume
              data, and private data structures used by the rendering routines.

              A  result code.  Most of the library routines return the code VP_OK upon successful
              completion, or an error code if the library call fails.

              A three-element linear array of double-precision elements (double[3]).

              A four-element linear array of double-precisions elements (double[4]).

              A three-by-three array of double-precision elements (double[3][3]).

              A four-by-four array of double-precision elements (double[4][4]).


       Source code and documentation for VolPack are  available  free  via  the  World  Wide  Web
       (      or      by      anonymous     ftp


       VolPack User's Guide