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       XbaeInput - The Input widget class.


       #include <Xbae/Input.h>


       XbaeInput is a text input field that provides generic customised data entry and formatting
       for strings.  It does this by using a clever  XmNmodifyVerifyCallback  that  is  installed
       when the XmNpattern resource is set.  The XmNpattern value may include optional characters
       and literals which will be discussed later in this document.

       The XbaeInput widget is  ideal  for  restricting  data  input  to  a  digit,  alphanumeric
       character  or an alphabetic character.  If XmNconvertCase is set, the widget automatically
       changes an inserted character to uppercase or lowercase. Literal characters  can  also  be
       included in the XmNpattern that can be automatically inserted as the user types by setting
       the XmNautofill resource to True. Optional literals cannot be auto inserted, however.

       Unlike the XmText field from which this widget is subclassed, the toggle-overwrite  action
       is  bound  to  the  osfInsert  key.   The  XmNoverwriteMode  is also provided to allow the
       resource to be changed programatically.

       When the XbaeInput widget loses focus or is activated in the same way as the XmText  field
       would  be,  callbacks on the XmNvalidateCallback list are invoked, allowing the programmer
       to validate the data as well as reformatting the existing string.

       XbaeInput inherits behavior and resources from the Core, XmPrimitive,  and  XmText  widget
       The class pointer is xbaeInputWidgetClass.
       The class name is XbaeInput.

   New Resources
       The following table lists the new resources defined by XbaeInput.  The codes in the Access
       column indicate whether the given resource can be set at creation  time  (C),  or  set  by
       using XtSetValues (S), or retrieved by using XtGetValues (G).

       │                                XbaeInput Resource Set                                   │
       │NameClassTypeDefaultAccess  │
       │XmNalignment         │ XmCAlignment  │ unsigned char  │ XmALIGNMENT_BEGINNING  │ CSG     │
       │XmNautoFill          │ XmCBoolean    │ Boolean        │ False                  │ CSG     │
       │XmNconvertCase       │ XmCBoolean    │ Boolean        │ True                   │ CSG     │
       │XmNoverwriteMode     │ XmCBoolean    │ Boolean        │ False                  │ CSG     │
       │XmNpattern           │ XmCString     │ String         │ NULL                   │ CSG     │
       │XmNvalidateCallback  │ XmCCallback   │ Callback       │ NULL                   │ CSG     │
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