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       XkbNoteNameChanges - Note the changed names in a changes structure


       void  XkbNoteNameChanges  (XkbNameChangesPtr  old,  XkbNamesNotifyEvent *new, unsigned int


       - old  XkbNameChanges structure to be updated

       - new  event from which changes are to be copied

       - wanted
              types of names for which changes are to be noted


       When your application receives a XkbNamesNotify event, you can note the changed names in a
       changes structure using XkbNoteNameChanges.

       The  wanted  parameter  is  the bitwise inclusive OR of the valid names mask bits shown in
       Table 1.  XkbNoteNameChanges copies any changes that are reported in new and specified  in
       wanted into the changes record specified by old.

                                 Table 1 Symbolic Names Masks
       Mask Bit                 Value      Keyboard     Field
       XkbKeycodesNameMask      (1<<0)     Xkb->names   keycodes
       XkbGeometryNameMask      (1<<1)     Xkb->names   geometry
       XkbSymbolsNameMask       (1<<2)     Xkb->names   symbols
       XkbPhysSymbolsNameMask   (1<<3)     Xkb->names   phys_symbols
       XkbTypesNameMask         (1<<4)     Xkb->names   type
       XkbCompatNameMask        (1<<5)     Xkb->names   compat
       XkbKeyTypeNamesMask      (1<<6)     Xkb->map     type[*].name
       XkbKTLevelNamesMask      (1<<7)     Xkb->map     type[*].lvl_names[*]
       XkbIndicatorNamesMask    (1<<8)     Xkb->names   indicators[*]
       XkbKeyNamesMask          (1<<9)     Xkb->names   keys[*], num_keys
       XkbKeyAliasesMask        (1<<10)    Xkb->names   key_aliases[*], num_key_aliases
       XkbVirtualModNamesMask   (1<<11)    Xkb->names   vmods[*]
       XkbGroupNamesMask        (1<<12)    Xkb->names   groups[*]
       XkbRGNamesMask           (1<<13)    Xkb->names   radio_groups[*], num_rg
       XkbComponentNamesMask    (0x3f)     Xkb->names   keycodes,
                                                        physical symbols,
                                                        types, and
                                                        compatibility map
       XkbAllNamesMask          (0x3fff)   Xkb->names   all name components