Provided by: libmotif-dev_2.3.3-5ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       XmFontListAppendEntry — A font list function that appends an entry to a font list


       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       XmFontList XmFontListAppendEntry(
       XmFontList oldlist,
       XmFontListEntry entry);


       XmFontListAppendEntry  creates a new font list that contains the contents of oldlist. This
       function copies the contents of the font list entry being added into this new  font  list.
       If  oldlist  is  NULL,  XmFontListAppendEntry  creates a new font list containing only the
       single entry specified.

       This  function  deallocates  the  original  font  list  after  extracting   the   required
       information. The caller must free the font list entry by using XmFontListEntryFree.

       oldlist   Specifies the font list to be added to

       entry     Specifies the font list entry to be added


       If entry is NULL, returns oldlist; otherwise, returns a new font list.


       XmFontList(3),  XmFontListEntryCreate(3),  XmFontListEntryFree(3), XmFontListEntryLoad(3),
       XmFontListFree(3), and XmFontListRemoveEntry(3).

                                                              XmFontListAppendEntry(library call)