Provided by: libmotif-dev_2.3.3-5ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       XmFontListInitFontContext  —  A  font list function that allows applications to access the
       entries in a font list


       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       Boolean XmFontListInitFontContext(
       XmFontContext *context,
       XmFontList fontlist);


       XmFontListInitFontContext establishes a  context  to  allow  applications  to  access  the
       contents  of a font list. This context is used when reading the font list entry tag, font,
       or font set associated with each entry in the font list. A Boolean status is  returned  to
       indicate whether or not the font list is valid.

       If  an  application  deallocates  the font list passed to XmFontListInitFontContext as the
       fontlist argument, the context established by this function is rendered no longer valid.

       context   Specifies a pointer to the allocated context

       fontlist  Specifies the font list


       Returns True if the context was allocated; otherwise,  returns  False.   If  the  function
       allocated  a context, the application is responsible for managing the allocated space. The
       application can recover the allocated space by calling XmFontListFreeFontContext.


       XmFontList(3), XmFontListFreeFontContext(3), and XmFontListNextEntry(3).

                                                          XmFontListInitFontContext(library call)