Provided by: libmotif-dev_2.3.3-5ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       XmToggleButtonGadgetSetState  —  A  ToggleButtonGadget  function  that sets or changes the
       current state


       #include <Xm/ToggleBG.h>
       void XmToggleButtonGadgetSetState(
       Widget widget,
       Boolean state,
       Boolean notify);


       XmToggleButtonGadgetSetState sets or changes the ToggleButtonGadget's current state.

       widget    Specifies the ToggleButtonGadget widget ID.

       state     Specifies a Boolean value that indicates whether the ToggleButtonGadget state is
                 selected  or  unselected. If the value is True, the button state is selected; if
                 it is False, the button state is unselected.

       notify    Indicates whether XmNvalueChangedCallback is called; it can be  either  True  or
                 False.   The  XmNvalueChangedCallback  is only called when this function changes
                 the state of the  ToggleButtonGadget.   When  this  argument  is  True  and  the
                 ToggleButtonGadget  is  a  child of a RowColumn widget whose XmNradioBehavior is
                 True,   setting   the   ToggleButtonGadget   causes   other   ToggleButton   and
                 ToggleButtonGadget children of the RowColumn to be unselected.

       For  a  complete  definition  of  ToggleButtonGadget  and  its  associated  resources, see



                                                       XmToggleButtonGadgetSetState(library call)