Provided by: liby-dev_2.14.5-7ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       YEvent - base Y event structures


       typedef struct {

               int type;

               YEventAudioChange    audio;
               YEventCycleChange    cycle;
               YEventDisconnect     disconnect;
               YEventHost           host;
               YEventSoundKill      kill;
               YEventMixer          mixer;
               YEventSoundPlay      play;
               YEventSoundObjectAttributes sndobjattributes;
               YEventShutdown       shutdown;
               YEventSync           sync;
               YEventAudioStats     audiostats;

               /* New in version 2.14. */
               YEventClientMessage     clientmessage;
               YEventYSHMSound      yshmsound;
               YEventAudioCDStats   audiocdstats;

       } YEvent;

       The YEvent structure's first member is always a 32 bit signed integer specifying the type.
       The type value then determines which substructure contains valid values.

       For instance if type is set  to  YDisconnect  then  the  values  in  the  YEventDisconnect
       disconnect substructure will be set properly.


       YEvent(3)   YEventAudioChange(3)  YEventServerStats(3)  YEventDisconnect(3)  YEventHost(3)
       YEventSoundKill(3)   YEventMixer(3)   YEventSoundPlay(3)    YEventSoundObjectAttributes(3)
       YEventShutdown(3)        YEventSync(3)        YEventAudioStats(3)       YEventYSHMSound(3)
       YEventAudioCDStats(3) YGetNextEvent(3) YPutBackEvent(3)