Provided by: liby-dev_2.14.5-7ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       YEventAudioChange - Y Audio change event structures


       typedef struct {

               Boolean preset;         /* Is preset if True. */

               /* If preset is True, these members are non-garbage. */
               char mode_name[YAudioNameMax];
               /* If preset is False, these members are non-garbage. */
               int sample_size;         /* In bits. */
               int channels;            /* Number of channels. */
               int sample_rate;         /* In Hz. */
               int direction;           /* 0 for play. */
               int allow_fragmenting;   /* True if fragmenting allowed. */
               int num_fragments;       /* Number of buffer fragments. */
               int fragment_size_bytes; /* In bytes. */

       } YEventAudioChange;

       When you receive this event it means that the Y server has changed its Audio values.

       If  the  preset  member  is True then it means its changed to a preset audio mode in which
       case the mode_name member will be set to the null terminated string specifying the  preset
       Audio mode name.

       If  the  preset  member  is  False  then  it means the other members specify the new Audio


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       YEventSoundKill(3)    YEventMixer(3)   YEventSoundPlay(3)   YEventSoundObjectAttributes(3)
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