Provided by: liby-dev_2.14.5-7ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       YEventMixer - Y mixer event structures


       typedef struct {

               int code;               /* Mixer device code. */

               Coefficient value[YMixerValues];

       } YEventMixer;

       When  you  receive this event it means that the specified mixer device code (not the mixer
       number) has changed in values where the new values are specified by the values member.

       To convert the mixer code to mixer index number, use the  equation:  mixer_index_number  =
       mixer_code - YMixerCodeBaseOffset


       YEvent(3)       YEventAudioChange(3)       YEventServerStats(3)       YEventCycleChange(3)
       YEventDisconnect(3)       YEventHost(3)       YEventSoundKill(3)        YEventSoundPlay(3)
       YEventSoundObjectAttributes(3)    YEventShutdown(3)    YEventSync(3)   YEventAudioStats(3)
       YEventYSHMSound(3) YEventAudioCDStats(3) YGetNextEvent(3) YPutBackEvent(3)