Provided by: liby-dev_2.14.5-7ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       YEventShutdown - Y server shutdown event structures


       typedef struct {

               int reason;

       } YEventShutdown;

       When  you receive this event it means that the Y server has shutdown. This can be due to a
       variety of reasons, the reason code member determines  this.  Typical  values  are  0  for
       normal  shutdown  and  non-zero  for  error.  Each  Y  server  may  report different error
       (non-zero) reason codes in accordance with its own standards.

       When you receive this event, you should call YCloseConnection immediatly afterwards.


       YEvent(3)       YEventAudioChange(3)       YEventServerStats(3)       YEventCycleChange(3)
       YEventDisconnect(3)  YEventHost(3)  YEventSoundKill(3)  YEventMixer(3)  YEventSoundPlay(3)
       YEventSoundObjectAttributes(3)   YEventSync(3)   YEventAudioStats(3)    YEventYSHMSound(3)
       YEventAudioCDStats(3) YGetNextEvent(3) YPutBackEvent(3)