Provided by: liby-dev_2.14.5-7ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       YEventYSHMSound - Y SHM Sound event structures


       typedef struct {

               int minor_op_code;
               int shm_id;
               void *ptr;
               int length;

       } YEventYSHMSound;

       When  you  receive  this  event,  it  means that the Y SHM Sound buffer has been closed or
       opened. In most cases this event is only reported when the Y SHM  Sound  buffer  has  been
       closed, which is indicated by the member minor_op_code being set to YSHMSoundClose.

       If  you  are  using Y SHM Sound, then you should watch for this event and reopen the Y SHM
       Sound buffer when you receive  this  event.   To  reopen  the  Y  SHM  Sound  buffer  call
       YSHMCloseSound and then YSHMOpenSound immediately after receiving this event.


       YEvent(3)        YEventAudioChange(3)       YEventServerStats(3)       YEventDisconnect(3)
       YEventCycleChange(3) YEventHost(3)  YEventSoundKill(3)  YEventMixer(3)  YEventSoundPlay(3)
       YEventSoundObjectAttributes(3)    YEventShutdown(3)    YEventSync(3)   YEventAudioStats(3)
       YEventAudioCDStats(3) YSHMCloseSound(3) YSHMOpenSound(3) YGetNextEvent(3) YPutBackEvent(3)