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       __gnu_cxx::_Caster< _ToType > -


   Public Types
       typedef _ToType::element_type * type

Detailed Description

   template<typename _ToType>struct __gnu_cxx::_Caster< _ToType >
       These functions are here to allow containers to support non standard pointer types. For
       normal pointers, these resolve to the use of the standard cast operation. For other types
       the functions will perform the apprpriate cast to/from the custom pointer class so long as
       that class meets the following conditions: 1) has a typedef element_type which names tehe
       type it points to. 2) has a get() const method which returns element_type*. 3) has a
       constructor which can take one element_type* argument. This type supports the semantics of
       the pointer cast operators (below.)

       Definition at line 45 of file cast.h.


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