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       __gnu_cxx::_Pointer_adapter< _Storage_policy > -


       Inherits _Storage_policy.

   Public Types
       typedef std::ptrdiff_t difference_type
           _Storage_policy::element_type element_type"
           std::random_access_iterator_tag iterator_category"
       typedef _Pointer_adapter pointer
       typedef _Reference_type
           < element_type >::reference reference"
       typedef _Unqualified_type
           < element_type >::type value_type"

   Public Member Functions
       _Pointer_adapter (element_type *__arg=0)
       _Pointer_adapter (const _Pointer_adapter &__arg)
       template<typename _Up > _Pointer_adapter (_Up *__arg)
       template<typename _Up > _Pointer_adapter (const _Pointer_adapter< _Up > &__arg)
       operator __unspecified_bool_type () const
       bool operator! () const
       reference operator* () const
       _Pointer_adapter & operator++ ()
       _Pointer_adapter operator++ (int __unused)
       _Pointer_adapter & operator+= (short __offset)
       _Pointer_adapter & operator+= (unsigned short __offset)
       _Pointer_adapter & operator+= (int __offset)
       _Pointer_adapter & operator+= (unsigned int __offset)
       _Pointer_adapter & operator+= (long __offset)
       _Pointer_adapter & operator+= (unsigned long __offset)
       template<typename _Up > std::ptrdiff_t operator- (const _Pointer_adapter< _Up > &__rhs)
       _Pointer_adapter & operator-- ()
       _Pointer_adapter operator-- (int)
       _Pointer_adapter & operator-= (short __offset)
       _Pointer_adapter & operator-= (unsigned short __offset)
       _Pointer_adapter & operator-= (int __offset)
       _Pointer_adapter & operator-= (unsigned int __offset)
       _Pointer_adapter & operator-= (long __offset)
       _Pointer_adapter & operator-= (unsigned long __offset)
       element_type * operator-> () const
       _Pointer_adapter & operator= (const _Pointer_adapter &__arg)
       template<typename _Up > _Pointer_adapter & operator= (const _Pointer_adapter< _Up >
       template<typename _Up > _Pointer_adapter & operator= (_Up *__arg)
       reference operator[] (std::ptrdiff_t __index) const

       _Pointer_adapter operator+ (const _Pointer_adapter &__lhs, short __offset)
       _Pointer_adapter operator+ (short __offset, const _Pointer_adapter &__rhs)
       _Pointer_adapter operator+ (const _Pointer_adapter &__lhs, unsigned short __offset)
       _Pointer_adapter operator+ (unsigned short __offset, const _Pointer_adapter &__rhs)
       _Pointer_adapter operator+ (const _Pointer_adapter &__lhs, int __offset)
       _Pointer_adapter operator+ (int __offset, const _Pointer_adapter &__rhs)
       _Pointer_adapter operator+ (const _Pointer_adapter &__lhs, unsigned int __offset)
       _Pointer_adapter operator+ (unsigned int __offset, const _Pointer_adapter &__rhs)
       _Pointer_adapter operator+ (const _Pointer_adapter &__lhs, long __offset)
       _Pointer_adapter operator+ (long __offset, const _Pointer_adapter &__rhs)
       _Pointer_adapter operator+ (unsigned long __offset, const _Pointer_adapter &__rhs)
       _Pointer_adapter operator+ (const _Pointer_adapter &__lhs, unsigned long __offset)
       std::ptrdiff_t operator- (const _Pointer_adapter &__lhs, element_type *__rhs)
       std::ptrdiff_t operator- (element_type *__lhs, const _Pointer_adapter &__rhs)
       template<typename _Up > std::ptrdiff_t operator- (const _Pointer_adapter &__lhs, _Up
       template<typename _Up > std::ptrdiff_t operator- (_Up *__lhs, const _Pointer_adapter
       _Pointer_adapter operator- (const _Pointer_adapter &__lhs, short __offset)
       _Pointer_adapter operator- (const _Pointer_adapter &__lhs, unsigned short __offset)
       _Pointer_adapter operator- (const _Pointer_adapter &__lhs, int __offset)
       _Pointer_adapter operator- (const _Pointer_adapter &__lhs, unsigned int __offset)
       _Pointer_adapter operator- (const _Pointer_adapter &__lhs, long __offset)
       _Pointer_adapter operator- (const _Pointer_adapter &__lhs, unsigned long __offset)

Detailed Description

   template<typename _Storage_policy>class __gnu_cxx::_Pointer_adapter< _Storage_policy >
       The following provides an 'alternative pointer' that works with the containers when
       specified as the pointer typedef of the allocator.

       The pointer type used with the containers doesn't have to be this class, but it must
       support the implicit conversions, pointer arithmetic, comparison operators, etc. that are
       supported by this class, and avoid raising compile-time ambiguities. Because creating a
       working pointer can be challenging, this pointer template was designed to wrapper an
       easier storage policy type, so that it becomes reusable for creating other pointer types.

       A key point of this class is also that it allows container writers to 'assume'
       Alocator::pointer is a typedef for a normal pointer. This class supports most of the
       conventions of a true pointer, and can, for instance handle implicit conversion to const
       and base class pointer types. The only impositions on container writers to support
       extended pointers are: 1) use the Allocator::pointer typedef appropriately for pointer
       types. 2) if you need pointer casting, use the __pointer_cast<> functions from ext/cast.h.
       This allows pointer cast operations to be overloaded is necessary by custom pointers.

       Note: The const qualifier works with this pointer adapter as follows:

       _Tp* == _Pointer_adapter<_Std_pointer_impl<_Tp> >; const _Tp* ==
       _Pointer_adapter<_Std_pointer_impl<const _Tp> >; _Tp* const == const
       _Pointer_adapter<_Std_pointer_impl<_Tp> >; const _Tp* const == const
       _Pointer_adapter<_Std_pointer_impl<const _Tp> >;

       Definition at line 267 of file pointer.h.


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