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       __gnu_cxx::_Std_pointer_impl< _Tp > -


   Public Types
       typedef _Tp element_type

   Public Member Functions
       _Tp * get () const
       bool operator< (const _Std_pointer_impl &__rarg) const
       bool operator== (const _Std_pointer_impl &__rarg) const
       void set (element_type *__arg)

Detailed Description

   template<typename _Tp>class __gnu_cxx::_Std_pointer_impl< _Tp >
       A storage policy for use with _Pointer_adapter<> which yields a standard pointer.

       A _Storage_policy is required to provide 4 things: 1) A get() API for returning the stored
       pointer value. 2) An set() API for storing a pointer value. 3) An element_type typedef to
       define the type this points to. 4) An operator<() to support pointer comparison. 5) An
       operator==() to support pointer comparison.

       Definition at line 62 of file pointer.h.


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