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       __gnu_cxx::debug_allocator< _Alloc > -


   Public Types
       typedef _Alloc::const_pointer const_pointer
       typedef _Alloc::const_reference const_reference
       typedef _Alloc::difference_type difference_type
       typedef _Alloc::pointer pointer
       typedef _Alloc::reference reference
       typedef _Alloc::size_type size_type
       typedef _Alloc::value_type value_type

   Public Member Functions
       pointer allocate (size_type __n)
       pointer allocate (size_type __n, const void *__hint)
       void deallocate (pointer __p, size_type __n)

Detailed Description

   template<typename _Alloc>class __gnu_cxx::debug_allocator< _Alloc >
       A meta-allocator with debugging bits, as per [20.4].

       This is precisely the allocator defined in the C++ Standard.

       · all allocation calls operator new

       · all deallocation calls operator delete

       Definition at line 61 of file debug_allocator.h.


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