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       __gnu_cxx::rb_tree< _Key, _Value, _KeyOfValue, _Compare, _Alloc > -


       Inherits std::_Rb_tree< _Key, _Val, _KeyOfValue, _Compare, _Alloc >.

   Public Types
       typedef _Rb_tree< _Key, _Value,
           _KeyOfValue, _Compare, _Alloc > _Base"
       typedef const _Rb_tree_node
           < _Val > * _Const_Link_type"
       typedef _Rb_tree_node< _Val > * _Link_type
       typedef _Base::allocator_type allocator_type
           < value_type > const_iterator"
       typedef const value_type * const_pointer
       typedef const value_type & const_reference
       typedef std::reverse_iterator
           < const_iterator > const_reverse_iterator"
       typedef ptrdiff_t difference_type
       typedef _Rb_tree_iterator
           < value_type > iterator"
       typedef _Key key_type
       typedef value_type * pointer
       typedef value_type & reference
       typedef std::reverse_iterator
           < iterator > reverse_iterator"
       typedef size_t size_type
       typedef _Val value_type

   Public Member Functions
       rb_tree (const _Compare &__comp=_Compare(), const allocator_type &__a=allocator_type())
       bool __rb_verify () const
       _Node_allocator & _M_get_Node_allocator ()
       const _Node_allocator & _M_get_Node_allocator () const
       template<typename _Arg > iterator _M_insert_equal (_Arg &&__x)
       template<typename _InputIterator > void _M_insert_equal (_InputIterator __first,
           _InputIterator __last)
       template<class _II > void _M_insert_equal (_II __first, _II __last)
       template<typename _Arg > iterator _M_insert_equal_ (const_iterator __position, _Arg &&__x)
       template<typename _Arg > pair< iterator, bool > _M_insert_unique (_Arg &&__x)
       template<typename _InputIterator > void _M_insert_unique (_InputIterator __first,
           _InputIterator __last)
       template<class _II > void _M_insert_unique (_II __first, _II __last)
       template<typename _Arg > iterator _M_insert_unique_ (const_iterator __position, _Arg
       iterator begin ()
       const_iterator begin () const
       void clear ()
       size_type count (const key_type &__k) const
       bool empty () const
       iterator end ()
       const_iterator end () const
       pair< iterator, iterator > equal_range (const key_type &__k)
       pair< const_iterator,
           const_iterator > equal_range (const key_type &__k) const "
       iterator erase (const_iterator __position)
       iterator erase (iterator __position)
       size_type erase (const key_type &__x)
       iterator erase (const_iterator __first, const_iterator __last)
       void erase (const key_type *__first, const key_type *__last)
       iterator find (const key_type &__k)
       const_iterator find (const key_type &__k) const
       allocator_type get_allocator () const
       _Compare key_comp () const
       iterator lower_bound (const key_type &__k)
       const_iterator lower_bound (const key_type &__k) const
       size_type max_size () const
       reverse_iterator rbegin ()
       const_reverse_iterator rbegin () const
       reverse_iterator rend ()
       const_reverse_iterator rend () const
       size_type size () const
       void swap (_Rb_tree &__t)
       iterator upper_bound (const key_type &__k)
       const_iterator upper_bound (const key_type &__k) const

   Protected Types
       typedef _Rb_tree_node_base * _Base_ptr
       typedef const _Rb_tree_node_base * _Const_Base_ptr

   Protected Member Functions
       _Link_type _M_begin ()
       _Const_Link_type _M_begin () const
       _Link_type _M_clone_node (_Const_Link_type __x)
       template<typename... _Args> _Link_type _M_create_node (_Args &&...__args)
       void _M_destroy_node (_Link_type __p)
       _Link_type _M_end ()
       _Const_Link_type _M_end () const
       _Link_type _M_get_node ()
       _Base_ptr & _M_leftmost ()
       _Const_Base_ptr _M_leftmost () const
       void _M_put_node (_Link_type __p)
       _Base_ptr & _M_rightmost ()
       _Const_Base_ptr _M_rightmost () const
       _Base_ptr & _M_root ()
       _Const_Base_ptr _M_root () const

   Static Protected Member Functions
       static const _Key & _S_key (_Const_Link_type __x)
       static const _Key & _S_key (_Const_Base_ptr __x)
       static _Link_type _S_left (_Base_ptr __x)
       static _Const_Link_type _S_left (_Const_Base_ptr __x)
       static _Base_ptr _S_maximum (_Base_ptr __x)
       static _Const_Base_ptr _S_maximum (_Const_Base_ptr __x)
       static _Base_ptr _S_minimum (_Base_ptr __x)
       static _Const_Base_ptr _S_minimum (_Const_Base_ptr __x)
       static _Link_type _S_right (_Base_ptr __x)
       static _Const_Link_type _S_right (_Const_Base_ptr __x)
       static const_reference _S_value (_Const_Link_type __x)
       static const_reference _S_value (_Const_Base_ptr __x)

   Protected Attributes
       _Rb_tree_impl< _Compare > _M_impl

Detailed Description

   template<class _Key, class _Value, class _KeyOfValue, class _Compare, class _Alloc =
       allocator<_Value>>struct __gnu_cxx::rb_tree< _Key, _Value, _KeyOfValue, _Compare, _Alloc >
       This is an SGI extension.

           Needs documentation! See

       Definition at line 80 of file rb_tree.


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