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       __gnu_cxx::subtractive_rng -


       Inherits std::unary_function< _Arg, _Result >.

   Public Types
       typedef _Arg argument_type
       typedef _Result result_type

   Public Member Functions
       subtractive_rng (unsigned int __seed)
       subtractive_rng ()
       void _M_initialize (unsigned int __seed)
       unsigned int operator() (unsigned int __limit)

Detailed Description

       The subtractive_rng class is documented on SGI's site. Note that this code assumes that
       int is 32 bits.

       Definition at line 348 of file ext/functional.

Member Typedef Documentation

   template<typename _Arg, typename _Result> typedef _Arg std::unary_function< _Arg, _Result
       >::argument_type [inherited]
       argument_type is the type of the argument (no surprises here)

       Definition at line 102 of file stl_function.h.

   template<typename _Arg, typename _Result> typedef _Result std::unary_function< _Arg, _Result
       >::result_type [inherited]
       result_type is the return type

       Definition at line 105 of file stl_function.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   __gnu_cxx::subtractive_rng::subtractive_rng (unsigned int__seed) [inline]
       Ctor allowing you to initialize the seed.

       Definition at line 390 of file ext/functional.

   __gnu_cxx::subtractive_rng::subtractive_rng () [inline]
       Default ctor; initializes its state with some number you don't see.

       Definition at line 394 of file ext/functional.

Member Function Documentation

   unsigned int __gnu_cxx::subtractive_rng::operator() (unsigned int__limit) [inline]
       Returns a number less than the argument.

       Definition at line 359 of file ext/functional.


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