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       __gnu_cxx::throw_value_random -


       Inherits __gnu_cxx::throw_value_base< random_condition >.

   Public Types
       typedef throw_value_base
           < random_condition > base_type"
       typedef random_condition condition_type

   Public Member Functions
       throw_value_random (const throw_value_random &__other)
       throw_value_random (const std::size_t __i)
       throw_value_base & operator++ ()
       void seed (unsigned long __s)

   Static Public Member Functions
       static void set_probability (double __p)
       static void throw_conditionally ()

   Public Attributes
       std::size_t _M_i

Detailed Description

       Type throwing via random condition.

       Definition at line 574 of file throw_allocator.h.


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