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       __gnu_parallel::LoserTreePointerBase< T, Comparator > -


       Inherited by __gnu_parallel::LoserTreePointer< stable, T, Comparator >, and
       __gnu_parallel::LoserTreePointer< false, T, Comparator >.

       struct Loser
           Internal representation of LoserTree elements.

   Public Member Functions
       int get_min_source ()
       void insert_start (const T &key, int source, bool sup)
       LoserTreePointerBase (unsigned int _k, Comparator _comp=std::less< T >())

   Protected Attributes
       Comparator comp
       unsigned int ik
       unsigned int k
       Loser * losers
       unsigned int offset

Detailed Description

   template<typename T, typename Comparator>class __gnu_parallel::LoserTreePointerBase< T,
       Comparator >
       Base class of Loser Tree implementation using pointers.

       Definition at line 343 of file losertree.h.


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