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       __gnu_parallel::__count_selector< _It, _Diff > -


       Inherits __gnu_parallel::__generic_for_each_selector< _It >.

   Public Member Functions
       template<typename _ValueType > _Diff operator() (_ValueType &__v, _It __i)

   Public Attributes
       _It _M_finish_iterator

Detailed Description

   template<typename _It, typename _Diff>struct __gnu_parallel::__count_selector< _It, _Diff >
       std::count() selector.

       Definition at line 180 of file for_each_selectors.h.

Member Function Documentation

   template<typename _It, typename _Diff> template<typename _ValueType > _Diff
       __gnu_parallel::__count_selector< _It, _Diff >::operator() (_ValueType &__v, _It__i)
       Functor execution. Parameters:
           __v Current value.
           __i iterator referencing object.

           1 if count, 0 if does not count.

       Definition at line 188 of file for_each_selectors.h.

Member Data Documentation

   template<typename _It > _It __gnu_parallel::__generic_for_each_selector< _It
       >::_M_finish_iterator [inherited]
       _Iterator on last element processed; needed for some algorithms (e. g. std::transform()).

       Definition at line 47 of file for_each_selectors.h.


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