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       __gnu_profile::__map2umap_info -


       Inherits __gnu_profile::__object_info_base.

       Inherited by __gnu_profile::__map2umap_stack_info.

   Public Member Functions
       __map2umap_info (__stack_t __stack)
       __map2umap_info (const __map2umap_info &o)
       const char * __advice () const
       bool __is_valid () const
       float __magnitude () const
       void __merge (const __map2umap_info &o)
       void __record_erase (size_t __size, size_t __count)
       void __record_find (size_t __size)
       void __record_insert (size_t __size, size_t __count)
       void __record_invalidate ()
       void __record_iterate (size_t __count)
       __stack_t __stack () const
       void __write (FILE *__f) const

   Protected Attributes
       __stack_t _M_stack

Detailed Description

       A map-to-unordered_map instrumentation line in the object table.

       Definition at line 86 of file profiler_map_to_unordered_map.h.


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