Provided by: atfs-dev_1.4pl6-11_amd64 bug


       af_afname,  af_afpath,  af_aftype,  af_afuser,  af_setarchpath, af_version - miscellaneous
       AtFS functions


       #include <atfs.h>

       char  *af_afname (char *path)

       char  *af_afpath (char *path)

       char  *af_aftype (char *path)

       Af_user*af_afuser (uit_t uid)

       char  *af_setarchpath (char *path)

       char  *af_version (void)


       The functions af_afname, af_afpath and af_aftype extract name,  syspath  or  type  from  a
       given  (operating  system dependent) file identification.  In an UNIX environment, a given
       pathname of the form

              /usr/lib/libatfs.a leads to afname libatfs, afpath /usr/lib and aftype a.

       If no path (eg. otto.c), or no type (eg. /usr/hugo/Makefile) is given,  the  corresponding
       routine  returns  an  empty  string.   A period as first character in a filename is always
       considered to be part of the name (e.g. .cshrc has the  name  .cshrc  and  an  empty  type
       string).  "." and ".." are recognized as names.  Archive file extensions and AtFS specific
       path extensions are stripped from the resulting name resp. pathname.
       Note: af_afname, af_afpath and af_aftype use  static  memory  for  the  returned  results.
       Subsequent calls of the same function overwrite former results.

       af_afuser returns an AtFS user identification which consists of the login name of the user
       identified by uid, the current host and the current domain. Uid_t is defined according  to
       the return type of getuid (2) on your system. The Af_user type has the following structure

              typedef struct {
                    } Af_user;

       af_setarchpath  defines  the  location  of  the AtFS archive files. A nil-pointer given as
       path-argument clears the former  setting  of  the  global  archive  path.   af_setarchpath
       returns  the  old  global archive path.  Initially, no global archive path is set. In this
       case, all archive files are  stored  in  a  subdirectory  called  AtFS,  relative  to  the
       directory where corresponding busy version resides.

       af_version  returns  a string that names the version and the creator of the currently used
       AtFS library.