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       brlapi_describedKeyCode_t -


       #include <brlapi.h>

   Data Fields
       const char * type
       const char * command
       unsigned int argument
       unsigned int flags
       const char * flag [64-BRLAPI_KEY_FLAGS_SHIFT]
       brlapi_expandedKeyCode_t values

Detailed Description

       Structure holding the components of a key code as returned by brlapi_describeKeyCode()

Field Documentation

   unsigned int brlapi_describedKeyCode_t::argument the argument value
   const char* brlapi_describedKeyCode_t::command the command name
   const char* brlapi_describedKeyCode_t::flag[64-BRLAPI_KEY_FLAGS_SHIFT] the flag names
   unsigned int brlapi_describedKeyCode_t::flags the flag count
   const char* brlapi_describedKeyCode_t::type the type name
   brlapi_expandedKeyCode_t brlapi_describedKeyCode_t::values the actual values of the components


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