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       fileutil::magic::cgen - Generator core for compiler of magic(5) files


       package require Tcl  8.4

       package require fileutil::magic::cgen  ?1.0?

       package require fileutil::magic::rt  ?1.0?

       package require struct::tree

       package require struct::list

       ::fileutil::magic::cgen::2tree script

       ::fileutil::magic::cgen::treedump tree

       ::fileutil::magic::cgen::treegen tree node



       This  package  provides  the  generator  backend  for  a  compiler  of magic(5) files into
       recognizers based on the fileutil::magic::rt recognizer runtime package. For the  compiler
       frontend using this generator see the package fileutil::magic::cfront.


       ::fileutil::magic::cgen::2tree script
              This  command  converts  the  recognizer  specified  by  the script into a tree and
              returns the object command of  that  tree  as  its  result.  It  uses  the  package
              struct::tree for the tree.

              The script is in the format specified by magic(5).

       ::fileutil::magic::cgen::treedump tree
              This  command  takes  a  tree  as  generated  by ::fileutil::magic::cgen::2tree and
              returns a string encoding the tree for human consumption, to aid in debugging.

       ::fileutil::magic::cgen::treegen tree node
              This command takes  a  tree  as  generated  by  ::fileutil::magic::cgen::2tree  and
              returns a Tcl script, the recognizer for the file types represented by the sub-tree
              rooted at the node.  The generated script  makes  extensive  use  of  the  commands
              provided  by  the  recognizer  runtime  package  fileutil::magic::rt to perform its


       This document, and the package it describes,  will  undoubtedly  contain  bugs  and  other
       problems.   Please report such in the category fileutil :: magic of the Tcllib SF Trackers
       [].   Please  also  report  any  ideas   for
       enhancements you may have for either package and/or documentation.


       file(1), fileutil, magic(5)


       file recognition, file type, file utilities, mime, type


       Programming tools