Provided by: libcomedi-dev_0.8.1-5ubuntu6_amd64 bug


       comedi_dio_read - read single bit from digital channel


       #include <comedilib.h>

       int  comedi_dio_read  (comedi_t  *  device,  unsigned int subdevice, unsigned int channel,
       unsigned int * bit);


       The function reads the channel channel belonging to  the  subdevice  subdevice  of  device
       device.   The  data  value that is read is stored in the location pointed to by bit.  This
       function  is  equivalent  to   comedi_data_read(device,subdevice,channel,0,0,bit).    This
       function  does not require a digital subdevice or a subdevice with a maximum data value of
       1 to work properly.

       Return values and errors are the same as comedi_data_read().

                                         28 October 2007                       COMEDI_DIO_READ(3)