Provided by: libcomedi-dev_0.8.1-5ubuntu6_amd64 bug


       comedi_find_subdevice_by_type - search for subdevice type


       #include <comedilib.h>

       int   comedi_find_subdevice_by_type   (comedi_t   *   device,   int   type,  unsigned  int


       The function comedi_find_subdevice_by_type() tries to  locate  a  subdevice  belonging  to
       comedi  device  device, having type type, starting with the subdevice start_subdevice.  If
       it finds a subdevice with the requested type, it returns its index.  If it does not locate
       the  requested  subdevice,  it  returns  -1  and  sets  the  Comedilib error number to XXX
       "subdevice not found".  If there is an  error,  the  function  returns  -1  and  sets  the
       appropriate error.

                                         28 October 2007         COMEDI_FIND_SUBDEVICE_BY_TYPE(3)